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Ejaculating Too Often Can Affect Your Marriage

Masters and Johnson have stated that a person ejaculates too quickly if he does it before his partner achieves orgasm in additional than one-half of his sexual encounters. Other sex researchers consider an early ejaculation the one occurring within two minutes of penetration, though there are some discrepancies on this timing. This condition of “quick ejaculation” is what's called premature ejaculation and within the US the prevalence rate in American males is estimated to range from 30-70%.
Ejaculating too quickly may be a problem that affects many men around the world converting their sexual love into a shameful experience rather than a pleasant part of their lives. Statistics indicate that an excellent number of those men are scared of trying to find help and even think there's no such help for his or her condition. But nothing is more distant from reality. There's help, and recently a replacement method for helping men with this condition has been released.


Ejaculating too soon is often bad for marriage

(Premature Ejaculation is purely a psychological problem.)

The notion of "premature ejaculation" is often interpreted in some ways, because it's relative. Taking place within minutes doesn't cause anything tie-up during a relationship as long because the partner herself had an orgasm too, but ejaculation is often premature even after long-lasting sex if her orgasm occurs later.
A friend of mine said so rightly once: expectations concerning a men's performance in bed, are often compared to a dinner of a few, which becomes perfect if they finish their meat simultaneously, they digest it together and also they use toilet within the same time.
Putting the joke away, ejaculation is being indeed around. The unpleasant sort of it's the ejaculation "ante portas" (ejaculation before the gate) when ejaculation occurs before penetration.
Premature ejaculation, when the ejaculation comes quickly (within seconds or minutes) is often categorized into two types: the originally existing and therefore the subsequently formed one.
To understand the method we've to understand that ejaculation can happen as a result of stimulation of the glans (penis head), either without erection or with semi-erection, if sexual excitement becomes too strong.
The subsequently formed ejaculation is usually related to evolving male erecticle dysfunction.
In this case, the patient concentrates to take care of its erection, sexual excitement becomes stronger, the body becomes "over stimulated" and every one of these results in ejaculation.

Possible causes of ejaculating too often

There are psychological or emotional components to PE, but there are also other factors that contribute to it.

Some psychological components may be temporary. For example, a person may have experienced PE during early sexual experiences, but as they grew older and had more sexual encounters, they learned strategies to help delay ejaculation.

Likewise, PE may become an issue as a person gets older and has more trouble maintaining an erection.

PE may be caused by underlying conditions or mental health concerns too, including:

  • poor body image or poor self-esteem
  • depression
  • history of sexual abuse, either as the perpetrator or as the victim or survivor

Guilt may also cause you to rush through sexual encounters, which can lead to PE.

Other things that can lead to PE include:

  • worrying about ejaculating too early
  • anxiety about limited sexual experience
  • problems or dissatisfaction in your current relationship
  • stress

Physical causes can also play a major role in PE. If you have difficulty maintaining an erection because of ED, you may rush through intercourse so that you complete it before losing the erection.

Abnormal levels of certain hormones, such as testosterone, or chemicals produced by nerve cells called neurotransmitters may contribute to PE. Inflammation of the prostate or urethra can also cause numerous symptoms, including PE and ED.

How to cure premature ejaculation?

If we oppose inflammatory symptoms, the ejaculation will return to normal after proper medical treatment.
If the cause is that the above-mentioned evolving impotence, we've to treat the male erectile dysfunction, which nowadays is perfectly remediable.
More difficult is to cure the originally existing ejaculation because during this case the systema nervosum is got to be adjusted; fortunately, more opportunities are arising this point too.
One of these is the reduction of the stimulus using condoms, anesthetic gels, or sprays. The last two options are contraindicated, because using these sorts of products both male and feminine sex organs, after contact becomes insensitive also, resulting in an un-enjoyable bed exercise.
There are medicines utilized in minor depression for rising the patient's morale, which has few side effects, and typically one among these is that delayed ejaculation.
Onto lengthening sexual activity and curing ejaculation Last Longer sex pills were proved well suitable.


Here are 3 exercises to help you prevent  ejaculating too soon

Start-and-stop and squeeze methods

Two strategies you and your partner can employ are the start-and-stop method and the squeeze method.

With start-and-stop, your partner stimulates your penis until you’re close to ejaculation. Then your partner should stop until you feel you’re in control again.

Ask your partner to repeat this two more times. Then engage in a fourth attempt, allowing yourself to ejaculate.

The American Urological Association recommends trying this three times a week until you feel you’re better able to control when you ejaculate.

With the squeeze method, your partner stimulates your penis until you’re close to ejaculating. Then your partner firmly squeezes your penis until your erection starts to weaken. This should help you better realize the sensation just before climaxing so you can develop better control and be able to delay ejaculation.

These strategies could take several weeks to become effective, and there is no guarantee that they alone with solve the issue.

Pelvic floor exercises

Certain muscle exercises may also help. In particular, you may benefit from male pelvic floor exercises.

To find your pelvic floor muscles, concentrate on stopping urination in midstream or using certain muscles to keep you from passing gas. Once you understand where the muscles are, you can practice exercises known as Kegel maneuvers. You can do them standing, sitting, or lying down.

To do Kegel maneuvers:

Tighten your pelvic floor muscles for a count of three.

Relax them for a count of three.

Do this several times in a row throughout the day

Work your way up to three sets of 10 repetitions each day.

When doing Kegel exercises, be careful not to use your abdominal or buttock muscles instead of your pelvic floor muscles.

Training your muscles may also take weeks or months to make a difference, depending on whether this is at the root of your PE.

Decreased sensitivity

Decreasing the sensitivity of your penis during intercourse may also help.

Wearing a condom may decrease your sensitivity just enough to help you maintain your erection longer without ejaculating.

There are even condoms marketed for “climax control.” These condoms contain numbing medications such as benzocaine to help dull the nerve responses of your penis slightly.

Applying numbing agents directly to your penis about 15 minutes prior to intercourse may also be helpful, but discuss your options with your doctor first.

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