What Is Some Good Advice for Flirting with Girls?

For some people, flirting happens naturally. But, some are very shy and for them, flirting can get very nerve-wracking. If you don’t know how to flirt, then things can go wrong and you might lose your dream sweetheart forever. However, when you know the game, it becomes easier for you to play. Flirting can be very exciting if you do it properly. Wondering how you can flirt properly with your dream girl? Here is how you should approach her.

Step 1: Introduction with the Girl

First, you have to introduce yourself to your crush. You may be one of many guys she sees around her. But, you need to stand out of the lot. That is why you need to create a good first impression. Remember, if you can create a good first impression, then it will lay the perfect foundation for something wonderful.

Have Confidence

When it comes to creating a good first impression, your body language is the key. If you are nervous to speak to a girl, she can identify that easily. Also, girls like men who are confident at what they are doing. So, be confident while talking to the girl but don’t be overconfident.

Prepare Yourself

Your look is not everything when it comes to creating a good impression. But, if you look good, it will elevate your confidence to a new level. It doesn’t mean you will brag about it. But, it will help you to get rid of your shyness while starting a conversation with the girl.

Approach the Girl

Most men struggle to approach the girl they like. One of the reasons for that is the fear of rejection which you can overcome by looking good. Just introduce yourself and have a gentle smile on your face. Be courteous which will attract the girl to have a conversation with you.

Compliment the Girl

Girls love compliments. But, when it comes to complimenting a girl, you should go slowly. If you give a compliment about her looks, then do it gently so that it doesn’t offend her. But, in case you know the girl, find other ways of complimenting her.

Step:2 Create a Connection

If you want to get close to your crush, then you have to establish a connection. This is where most men struggle. Even if they find a way to introduce themselves to the girl, they have no clue whatsoever as to what they should do to create a connection with the girl. So, here is what you have to do;

Ask Questions to Understand Her

What better way to understand the girl you want to date than just asking her some simple questions? Well, ask her about her hobbies and general questions such as what sort of adventure she likes. It will help you to understand her in a better way.

Make Eye Contact

While having a conversation with your crush, make sure you keep eye contact while speaking. Now, that does not mean you will have to stare at her all the time. It can make her uncomfortable and it will be a bad impression. But, you can keep the eye contact gently to tell her that you are interested.

Be Humorous

If you have any short and funny story to tell that will make you and her both laugh, then go for it. Girls love to spend time with men who have a nice sense of humour. If the story comes with the flow of the conversation, then it is even better.

Remember Her Small Details

During the conversation, a girl will tell you a lot of small details about her which normally people who don’t have interest in her will forget. But, as you are interested in her, keep those details in mind because that will show you are very much interested in that girl.

Spend More 'We Time'

Spending time together is one of the most important things when it comes to knowing a person better. So, you have to make sure that you and your favourite girl spends more time together. Also, ensure that no one else is there to disturb you and your crush.

Flatter the Girl

Girls enjoy getting flattered by men. So, if you and your crush have become close friends, then it is time for you to start giving her compliments. Don’t go for cheesy lines while complimenting her. Wait for the right occasion to flatter her with your compliment, don’t just randomly compliment her.It will look bad.

Step 3: Ask Her Out

Now comes the most decisive part. After all your hard work, you would want to take your girl to date. So, you need to ask her out. However, don’t just ask her out casually. Create a situation where she cannot say no. Here is how you should approach the situation;

Send Flirty Texts

Now, if you don’t have her phone number, then ask for it. Once you get the phone number, start texting. Send her texts in a flirty tone occasionally to give her the indication that you are interested in her. Also, never make her wait to get your reply. When it comes to replying her messages, be prompt always.

Be Honest While Asking Out

Many men feel anxious about asking a girl out simply because of the fear of rejection. But, you have to be bold and if you want to date a girl, you need to ask her out simply. You can ask her out for a movie or a dinner together. Don’t worry if she refuses because of the scheduling problem. Give her another date. But, if she refuses again, you should respect her choice.

Show Courtesy and Respect

You have to show her that you are interested not just in friendship, but something more, something romantic. So, you should show her the respect she deserves. Be courteous in front of the girl you have in your heart. You can simply open the door of the car, or assist her while sitting in the restaurant, or hold her hand while walking together. It will show her that you are the right man who will take care of her and she will be more interested in you than ever before.

Pay the Bill

When you have asked her out on a date, you should look to pay the bill. You should expect that. But, if she wants to pay half of the bill, you should not argue with her. She might want to show you that she is independent and will not rely on you financially. So, the good thing would be to accept her proposal. It will show that you are ready to listen to what she wants to say.

Be Natural

When you are looking to flirt with a good-looking and pretty girl, you should not act flamboyant or someone who you are not. Be natural, because girls want guys to act naturally the way they are. So, even if you and your crush get into a relationship, it will be a long-lasting one.

The Bottom Line

Finally, if you are going planning to pursue a girl and flirt with her, then these are some of the pieces of advice that you should keep in mind. It will help you to take the right path while pursuing her and make you the man in whom she would be interested in.

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