If you are person with an ego of the size of a mountain, it will certainly be a big boost.

But if you are a normal person with genuine interest in the woman, it will not be anything different. And before you know, you will be used to it.

Attractive women are just like any other woman. They have their own issues, insecurities and day to day life to deal with. Dating one such woman will be no different.

The problem is, their beauty masks their issues and you end up creating a goddess in your mind from them. The more you get close, the beauty fades away and you see all those cracks & it becomes normal (sort of).

How do you get the attention of a woman that many would consider to be out of your league?

Be yourself, don’t look at her with your tongue hanging out of your mouth while staring at her breasts. Look into her eyes instead of staring at her assets, and show her that you are a real man that is confident in yourself, but not cocky. To me an extremely attractive woman is not just about her looks, if she has compassion and demonstrates all the other qualities that are truly wonderful, that is what makes her extremely attractive rather than extremely hot.

Dating an extremely attractive woman does have its ups and downs

The upside:

  • Having a drop-dead gorgeous woman on your arm just feels good. It also seems to make people admire you more for having landed her. More respected, I guess.
  • Life is more fun and exciting when you’re super attracted to your partner. It does wonders for your esteem and outlook to be with a woman you find insanely attractive. Your body will typically be flooded with endorphins and other happy chemicals.
  • You’ll be horny a lot more. Sex is generally good because you’re just so attracted and into to her. Sometimes you’ll just look at her and go crazy with lust, and that’s a lot of fun.
  • Other women are more open to you—in their minds, if you landed her, you must have it going on.
  • You’ll get into trendy clubs a lot more easily.

The downside:

  • Guys are always trying to steal her away from you.
  • Be prepared to fight from time to time. Drunk guys will make asses of themselves. It’s the price you pay.
  • Being with a super-attractive woman can blind you to the fact that you’re actually a terrible match together.
  • Be prepared to spend some cash. Hot women know they have options, and want their guys to treat them like queens. Most won’t settle for pizza and a beer, but if you find one that does, hold on to her. The majority of really hot women expect fine dining and trips to exotic places. They also want to be seen in a really nice car. Ka-ching!
  • Some really hot chicks think being physically beautiful is enough. They don’t feel like they have to be terribly intelligent, conversational, have a great personality… too many just rely on their appearance. Do your best to avoid these women like the plague.
  • They know they have options. Because there are a thousand guys in line to take your place, they are typically harder to keep than a more normally attractive woman.


After sleeping with a really hot girl a few times, you realize that you need way more than looks for her to hold your attention. Yes, it’s beyond thrilling to see a beautiful woman naked. Even better to have sex with her. But it’s not enough. The glow wears off. Quickly. She’s human. Looks become decreasingly important the more time you spend with a beautiful woman.

Keep in mind: Men will hit on your girlfriend.

Behind your back and in front of you. Whether that is in clubs, restaurants or shopping malls. She would also get preferable treatment. A number of guys will always be pandering and orbiting around her.

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