most sensitive erogenous zones

What are some most sensitive erogenous zones for women


Erogenous zones are hot spots on the body that tend to be highly responsive to sexual touch. In reality, the whole body is a massive, potential erogenous zone, but there are some areas that tend to be especially reactive when stimulated.

Her breasts and genitals may be the most obvious areas, but if you take some time to explore the erotic wonderland of her body, you’ll discover that you can make her squirm, moan, and beg for more by kissing and caressing her sexy body parts that are often deprived of affection.

As you explore the many regions of her beautiful body, experiment with different strokes, touches, kisses, and breaths, gradually increasing the pressure and tempo as her arousal heightens.

Play with the following erogenous zones to see which ones she responds to and revisit them every so often to see how her interpretations of pleasure change over time.

This are 10 sensitive erogenous zones on female

  1. Ears
  2. Collarbone
  3. Suprasternal Notch
  4. Philtrum
  5. Lower Back
  6. Crook of Her Elbow
  7. Backs of Her Knees
  8. Ankles
  9. Bellybutton
  10. Pucker


 Most sensitive erogenous zones that you can explore on your wife or girlfriend ?


Not only are her ears sensitive to the sound of your voice and the flick of your tongue, but the anticipation of your kiss can send shivers down  her spine. Breathe very gently over the sides of her neck and ears before circling your tongue around the edges.


The clavicle and the shallow grooves above it can be highly responsive to light touch. The small depressions below it are considered acupressure points that trigger relaxation to facilitate sexual response. Run the pads of your fingers over the bone and your tongue along the underside before making your way to her breasts.

Suprasternal Notch

Also known as the jugular notch, this is the triangular dip at the base of her neck centered above her collarbone. It is considered an erogenous zone for both its sensual appearance and hypersensitivity. Since it overlies her airway, you’ll want to take caution to kiss her gently as you swivel your tongue around the indentation.


From the Latin for love potion, this small groove above the center of her lips has long been considered an erogenous zone. Plant the softest kiss possible on this area before running your tongue along the line of her upper lip, known as cupid’s bow.

Lower Back

Some women say that their lower back is the most sensitive area of their body, and a handful report that tickling this area can result in intense arousal and even orgasmic sensations. Sweep your palms in wide circular motions over her lower back to prime her for some playful hip grabbing and primal thrusting.

Crook of Her Elbow

This thin-skinned region is the division between the friend-zone of the upper arm and lover’s lane, the lower arm leading down to her fingertips. Slide your finger against it seductively while out for dinner as you look her in the eye or hold her down by her inner elbows while she is screaming with pleasure.

Backs of Her Knees

Make her weak in the knees and tingly in all the right places by awakening this sensitive zone with a feather light touch. Trace figure-eight patterns over this thin-skinned patch with a silk scarf or small feather while blowing gentle kisses between her thighs from behind.


Just below the anklebone on the inside of the foot, you’ll find a hollowing that is considered a reflexology point connected to her vagina. While performing cunnilingus, reach down and circle your thumb around this area to activate its sexual reflex.


The area around her eyes likely receives little in the way of sexual attention, but her eyelids and the soft pads beneath her eyes can be highly responsive to gentle touch. With nerves very close to the surface and thin skin without significant subcutaneous fat (similar to that of the scrotum), the eyelids seem to be designed for pleasure. Flutter your lashes teasingly against hers or swipe your fingers gently across her lids to encourage her to relax and take in the sensations of pleasure.


The positioning of her navel in proximity to her mons, coupled with the density of nerve endings in the region, makes this sensitive indentation a common erogenous zone. Some women say they experience sensations in their clitoris through the belly button, which may be attributable to a nerve pathway that connects it to the spine through the pelvic region. Spiral your tongue around its perimeter before sliding it in and sucking gently with your lips against her tummy.


The sensitive bum hole (anus) is highly erogenous for many women and men. Rich in nerve endings, it is reactive both to light touch and heavy pressure.

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