what a girl wants

What A Girl Wants

The word rejection is a word I am well acquainted with and I am sure you can relate. I spent nearly 17 years being rejected by women. If you have spent decades being rejected as well, this has probably left you with a view of women that is VERY inaccurate. Personally, I used to blame it all on the women – I thought they were the problem… I thought they didn’t get ME. Then one day I had what is quite possibly the world’s simplest realization – if all my friends were getting women to like them and I wasn’t it must have been something I was doing.

These women weren’t bitches by any standards so I decided to find what aspects of my personality were causing them to act bitchy or cold toward me. Suffice to say it turned out to be a simple matter of poor and incomplete teaching which was the idea that women are attracted to jerks so act like a jerk and women will love you. The truth is if you are a decent human being who can show a genuine interest in a woman (and you can show that you’re confident) she will be more than happy to have a conversation with you. Remember your reality has been created as a result of you acting the same way and getting the same results. If you are confident and change your game plan you will get different results. I’m going to talk to you now about some of the primary personality traits that women find attractive. This doesn’t mean by any stretch of the imagination that you should put on a face when you are with a woman. But it does however mean that you should ever make an effort to play up certain aspects of your personality and downplay others. First of all you must understand that women DO NOT EVER want to feel like their love, caring and trust is abused or taken advantage of. This comes from a woman’s emotional drive to help, care for and nurture others. This rings particularly true for a man she is attracted to.

The first thing that women find attractive and a man, obviously is alpha behavior. Women love a man who knows how to act out the male role because that is what they are programmed to be attracted to. The second is a caring guy. This is not to be confused with the guy who is supplicating, needy or a pushover. The reality is that women do like to receive gifts but it should be spontaneous and selfless. You cannot appear to be wanting something from her or trying to gain her favor through neediness. Also, you want to try to make your gifts unique. Flowers and gift cards are great but will likely be forgotten the next week. There is a problem with guys today. They have no idea that the world is nothing like the way they view it. If something is not working, you get off your ass and change it. The third is the man who is ambitious, aggressive and willing to take risks. If you have ever heard stories about Evel Knievel, he would have women showing up outside his hotel room after a jump with their boyfriends. The girl would then tell Evel that she told her boyfriend that she would dump him if he didn’t let her sleep with Evel. That is the attraction that a risk taker can generate at its best. You are in luck because you don’t need to risk your life to be a risk taker. Simply being unexpected and being willing to put public opinion to bed is a huge risk in our society. As a side benefit I guarantee following your feelings will make life more interesting. If you feel like going out on a whim and partying or just being out all over the place women love a man who loves all kinds of experiences.

Woman find a man with ambition very sexy. A man who is willing to defy all odds and follow his dreams. That is the true nature of a man who is in control of his life. Women love a man who sees no walls around him. They love a man who sees opportunity in everything. She loves a man who follows his heart because she can really feel and connect with it. The reason for this is because a passionate man represents a thirst and lust for life. What I have found is that when it all comes down to it in life, all we have is our passion and our drives to get to where we desire to be. We set standards for ourselves and will never be desired until we achieve them. An alpha male never lets things go. When he is taking breaks from his passion he starts to feel uneasy because he hasn’t achieved what he set out to do and that is time wasted. Women are a universal passion for men (heterosexually/bisexually speaking). You may have heard a theorist who has said that women are the reason for all male achievement. The theory states that men do everything to drive to impress women. Ironically, this is what all the losers are doing who are not getting any. You must be willing to take risks in your life. They will make you sexier to women and they will make you a more complete human being because you will learn not to fear life so much and instead start embracing it. The reason you need to be more confident in general is because it will decide your willingness to take risks. That and how determined you get from your failures. If you are worried about what everyone thinks and you are dependent on the approval of others, it goes without saying that you are not going to risk very much.

Consider your risk as how much you are willing to give up to achieve your goals. If you stop to think about it, you will probably realize that a life of failure will be worse. Let’s take women as an example. This is a situation where many men have no real perception of how things work. They have an idea in their head that every woman they try to talk to will shut them down miserably and see them as a guy hitting on them. The problem is they can’t take a chance on talking to a woman and risk getting hurt. A man should not put his opportunities at risk for fear of failure because he needs to realize that the potential possibility of dating your perfect dream girl likely far outweigh the risks. You need to recognize opportunities when they’re sitting in front of you. Although this sounds like an easy task it becomes a challenge when you realize how sheltered and closed off your view of reality has become. Take me for an example. Where most people see the Internet as an opportunity to communicate, obtain information and look for friends on facebook I saw it as an opportunity to change my life situation, reach out and help other people and create opportunities that would have otherwise not been available. What does this tell us? As men we are expected to take most of the risks in the attraction and relationship process right down to asking a woman out.

I’m sure you’ve heard this many times but attraction is by no means logical. There is a reason commercials have gone from the 50s style of “this washer offers…” to the psychological PlayStation 4 commercials you saw four years ago. People are realizing the power of appealing to the primal emotional brain over the logical and rational brain. A woman will get used to how her attraction system works even if they never for the life of them can figure out why. However, women aren’t like us – they work on their feelings first and think about it later. If you’ve ever studied computers, you know how the binary system of 1 and 0 works. Let’s say you want Windows XP to show windows contents while dragging. If you wanted to change the settings directly you would go into the windows registry and find the key to show contents while dragging. If you want the window contents to show you set the value of the key to 1 and if you do not want the window contents to show while dragging you would set the value of the key to 0. Two settings, each completely inverse of the other. So what is my point in telling you this wonderful little tidbit about computers? My point is that her attraction will either go in one direction or the other. Either she is attracted to you or she isn’t. That is not to say there are varying degrees of attraction but when you are around her she is either going to feel good or bad about it. If you are a guy, chances are you are reading this with the intention of finding a sexual or romantic partner – not a friend. Take it from me, you will be happier if you just stick to your male friends. Women don’t like (in most cases) the same things as men. Sure you will meet the occasional woman who likes to play Xbox 360 and football but they are a dime a dozen.

If you are her best friend you will not be her lover – some will say the two coexist but a woman’s best friend slot is almost always required to be filled by a female. A woman just will not feel comfortable sharing things with you that she would with another woman because you simply cannot think on the same level as her best female friend. Every display you make around her, that she hears about from her friends or that she infers about your personality will have an effect on how she views you. What does this mean? That it means that you need to be in control of yourself at all times. You need to know (to what extent is possible) what the outcomes of your actions are going to be and how to coordinate your actions accordingly. Control is one of the most important factors for any alpha because it will decide how well he will be able to control himself with women and in life.. This is why I said to set your standards beforehand. If you set your standards beforehand you will have something to reach for and you will be able to look at where you are and make sure you are going in the right direction. As an alpha male you need to live for you. If you feel a certain way you need to express that. If you have certain personality traits you need to express them. You do not want to spend your life being when a woman wants if you don’t get to be yourself. You also need to be able to take control. If you want to do something do it. A real man makes no apologies for who he is or what he believes in. A woman will have you on a very similar scale sexually speaking. Either she attracted to you and you will make her feel good or she is repulsed by you and you will repel her every time you try to peruse her sexually.

She WILL be attracted to you if you can exhibit human respect while displaying debonair charm and it will warm her up on a primal level. But you need to know what you are doing in order to achieve these results with the woman. You need to show her that you are a man which she is biologically programmed to be attracting you. Obviously this is a long and drawn out subject that men have been asking for ages. Sigmund Freud once stated the now famous quote, “ The great question that has never been answered and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is ''What does a woman want?'' Women want in a man who can make them feel emotionally stimulated – NEVER BORING! Another thing attractive women are desperately looking for (because there are so few left) is a man who is not afraid to be himself and always speaks his mind. She wants a man who is not a goofball but can spontaneously make a crack that lights up a room and at the same time doesn’t expect anything from her. Also, he is a gentleman (not to be confused with a supplicator) you do nice things to make HER feel good not because YOU want something. There is A LOT to attraction. Women have certain things they are programmed to want in a man. Namely, women want security, safety and masculinity so that they can feel comfortable enough to give themselves to a man. We often find ourselves confused because a woman’s emotions and feelings seem to jump every 0.5 seconds. To make things worse they use 128-bit encryption on all their messages and you need to be able to hack it.

Many men have asked me why they can’t understand that women and can’t make sense out of them. They ask why women get mad over things we are not even aware of. The reason for this is because as we cannot see things from her perspective, she cannot see things from ours. Our bodies operate so differently that we can NEVER see people from different perspectives. Women find a man’s reality odd and men find a woman’s reality odd. But to each of us it’s perfectly normal. When women are talking, their statements actually come from a different part of their brain than men because of their emotional levels. A woman’s emotional drives are as powerful as our visual drives. Women have thousands of feelings going on at once but most women aren’t capable of putting them into words. A lot of what a woman says will be fragmented and indirect. Think of when you tried to explain something to a friend and it made perfect sense in your mind but when your friend heard it he could not make heads or tails of it.

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