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WHO are the most watched pornhubstars on pornhub?  They are so many girls out there that we lost count. We picked the first five pornhubstars girls that get the most attention from users.

This girls are professional in the porn industry and they are  quite famous for those who likes to watch adult movies.

Here are the Top five Trending Pornhubstars on Pornhub

5. Alexis Texas from Castroville, Texas, United States of America Age 35

Alexis Texas did her first scene in Shane’s World’s College Amateur Tour in Texas in 2006 followed by a number of scenes for Bang Bros. She quickly moved to California and began shooting scenes with a variety of production companies.

Ever wonder if pornstars like Alexis Texas fake orgasms? Well, Alexis says that 80% of the time her orgasms are real. Knowing her body well, she can practically cum on command.

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4. Lena Paul was born 1993 in Florida, United States

Lena Paul is an amazing girl with an even more amazing figure. She is perfect for porn because of her amazing tits that are naturally size 32DDD

Lena is an independent thinker. She always said that she would never change herself for porn. This is why you can usually see her with a full bush and perhaps a bit more of a belly than other pornstars. She wants to prove that you can be yourself and still have fun in the porn biz.


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3. Angela White from Sydney, Australia 35 years old

Her tits are so big, you want to believe she paid massive bucks to some genius surgeon to get them that way, but in fact, Angela is a 100% pure natural lady and those tits are the real deal.

In Australia, girls are still in high school when they turn eighteen, which means this girl was a true-to-life high schooler when she first decided to make her way into porn.


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2. Adriana Chechik from California 28 years old

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a little attention, especially if you’re a hot chick who wants to be appreciated for your qualities. Adriana Chechik, however, wants tons of attention, and she’s ready to spread all of her best assets wide open for some hardcore appreciating.

Adriana could easily be a high-fashion runway model if she chose, but this hottie prefers dicks running way up into her body, instead, and we salute her for that.


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1. Nicole Aniston born in september 1987 in San Diego, California

Nicole is a pint-sized hottie. Nicole got her breasts augmented from a C cup to a D cup, making her a full 34D. Given her height, with tits that big, she is practically falling over. Entering the industry in her early 20s, Nicole had been working as a banker and decided that if she was going to count money it should be her own.


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