Top 5 Hot Asian Pornstars

Top 5 Hot Asian Pornstars

Asian-American pornstars Pornstars are not only about how they act in bed but a beautiful face is always an added advantage.

However it's matter of perception what's hottest for you may not be hottest for others. Every one have different thinking different views regarding this. For some pornstar with big boobs are hottest whereas for some with small boobs. Some like perfect abs pornstar hottest. In short its perception as per what I believe.

So, if you’re keen to discover these sensational performers in action then listed below are 5 of the hottest Asian-American pornstars in 2020.

1. Asa Akira

Asa Akira got started in adult clubs as an exotic dancer but was quickly bored and grabbed the whip and became a dominatrix.

This petite Japanese hottie is only 5’2" with 32C tits. Asa is known for her piercing eyes, killer body and her willingness to go far into fetish and BDSM. As a former professional dominatrix, she knows how to take the reins, whips and handcuffs.

"Shooting a porn scene is the ultimate fantasy for me. Regardless of what kind of scene it is or who it’s with. I just really get off on being watched, knowing people will be turned on by it. I guess you could say I kind of feel love at that moment”.

2. Jade Kush

Having entered the porn industry at age 19, Jade has natural D-cup breasts. She has high ambitions as a porn actress. Kush's introduction to the industry was through webcamming and within her first couple months on cam she was recruited by a talent scout to film professional porn.

Kush’s incredibly sexy body and sharp mind are most turned on by those who are passionately aggressive. She's stated she likes "passionately-aggressive" sex and is turned on most by eye contact

I guess I didn’t realize how big my boobs actually were until I started in porn. You know how people’s boobs can look bigger in shirts because they wear a push-up bra or whatnot, I didn’t know how big I was compared to others! I didn’t even know my cup size until I went to Victoria’s Secrets when I was in Florida. Before, I just went to Target and bought ill-fitting bras. I didn’t know anything about it!”.

3. Marica Hase

Japanese girls are normally the cutest, shyest, and sweetest delicate flowers you can find roaming the planet. And then there’s Marika Hase.  Marika looks like a geisha from hell, hopped up on horny sauce. 

Born in Tokyo, she got her start as a model and AV star, before doing international porn. 

“There are many cultural differences between the Easterners and the Westerners. Everything is different from Japan; makeup, shooting style, the way you smile or pose, pay scale and the way people think about sex…I really enjoy working in both USA and Japan. I love adventures… I always look for something new when I’m in the front of camera…I enjoy both. I don’t care which country they are from. What is important is how talented the cast is”.

4 Kaylani Lei

She’s got a killer body with a slutty ‘fuck me’ face that can melt the coldest hearts and steam the chilliest balls. With that super-smooth tanned skin, you would gladly take a vow of silence just to give her a tongue bath. This girl needs no extra procedures to enhance her 11-on-10 figure

Kaylani got started as an exotic dancer before porn, and it wasn’t long after her start in hardcore that she took home AVN’s Best New Starlet award, and has won many more ever since.

“I blush anytime someone mentions the Hall Of Fame to me. It’s quite an exciting and official accomplishment in my amazing experience with my career.  I am beyond stoked about it. It’s really nice to be recognized for your body of work and/or uh, talent. Hee hee!”.

5. Saya Song

She’s originally from South Korea but lives in America. A rather musical soul, Saya knows how to play the trumpet and the piano.

Saya seems to have discovered the fountain of youth, forever having the fresh face of a first-year college student. She started out making her own smut at home, so she decided to enter the biz and make a go of it. Her popularity as an amateur provided a smooth transition to a professional career.

“He’s, like, the only person I would do this for…My favorite scene was my d.p. with John [Strong] and Markus [Dupree]. I have great chemistry with them both and love working with them both; having them at the same time was such a treat!…Double anal wasn’t actually planned for the day; I’d only tried it once, quickly, in my personal life before, so it was quite a new experience for me and I absolutely loved it”.

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