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Penis Size Does Matter! But bigger might not be better.

Does it matter how big the guy’s penis is?

A recent study says that the best penis size for women to climax is eight inches - but any bigger and the orgasm rates drop.

In fact, men with a whopping 11-inch member got 30 percent of women to reach climax, which is the same proportion for men with a four-inch penis.

While a three-inch penis is considered a "micropenis", a quarter of women said they had been satisfied during their last sexual encounter.

And 1 in 10 men with a one-inch penis still hit the spot - proving it's not about size but what you do with that counts.

The survey also found that a large proportion of women said girth was important to them in reaching climax.

In general, as penis length increases so does width, so the average girth of the 8in penis is likely to be a contributing factor.

Want to know how to really impress a woman? Just improve the following skills :

  • Physical fitness: Sex is a vigorous exercise so if you want the best results, you need to work out
  • Communication: Ask her what she likes, what she dislikes, what she’s comfortable with, what she’s not, whether to go fast or slow, what she wants to do, the list goes on. 
  • Self-control: Self-control is very important in making sure the woman is safe. Don’t keep thrusting wildly if she’s hurting just because it’s pleasing you.
  • Creativity: Figure out how to make sex exciting. 
  • Lasting long:  If you want to last longer in bed and make your partner orgasm more, do some masturbation exercises,  but avoid doing quickies.

In general, women care more about girth than about length, and it seems to be a bigger indicator in the pleasure factor.

Most women need clitoral stimulation to come close to cumming during sex and many prefer to get off before penetration via finger fucking or oral sex. So get good at oral sex and fingering.

Penis size may make a difference for women’s orgasms.

In another study, researchers found that 40% female accepts that penis size does matter for sexual satisfaction, 50% female says, penis size does not matter and 10% vote to 50/50.
Women who accept penis size does matter are those whose sexual desire higher than others. Interestingly, most of them are in their thirties. Others who refuses to accept that penis size does matter is comparatively less sexually active.

size matter

 What should I do if I have a small penis

If it's small, learn to love the positions that make it feel bigger, with deeper penetration. Doggy is great for this, especially if you have her drop her head and shoulders to the bed, with her ass in the air. Have her keep a strong arch in her back and her legs close together. Not only does this make you feel larger, but it also gives you a great view.

You can also have her lay flat on her stomach, with a pillow under her hips. Have her keep her legs as close together as she can while still allowing penetration. This position gives you body-to-body contact (if you drop down onto your elbows), which is extremely erotic.

Another great position to try is to have her lay on her back with pillows under her hips. Have her bend her knees to her chest and place her feet on your chest. Even if this seems weird at first, it feels fucking fantastic. Believe me. Not only can she touch herself, but you can try a lot of variations. Her legs can go over your shoulders or you could hold her at the ankles, spreading her into a V.

Knowing what to do with smaller penis matters. Figure it out. You'll be glad you did.

"It's not the size of the wand, but skill of the magician."


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