Oral Techniques To Give Her Best Orgasm

Oral Techniques To Make Her say, “More, please!”

The bad news is there is no super-secret move that will turn all women into a melted puddle at your feet. All women are different, and a woman's tastes may change from romp to romp, so the best trick I can give you is to read your partner. Pay attention to all the signs she's giving you, from the words she's saying (and "oh, yeah" counts) to the way she's moving and breathing, to the touch and feel of her body. But everybody says that, and it doesn't give you anywhere to start. So In this article, you will find  oral techniques tips that can help you explore her body and find out exactly how to make her say, "More, please!"

Oral Techniques Tips For Men


Oral Techniques  To Give Her Best Orgasm

This trick is tried-and-true, and it will help you suss out how your partner likes to stroke it. Use your tongue to spell out the ABCs on her pussy. This is a good beginner technique because as you're twirling the letters, up, down, left, right, you can try to feel out which movements she tikes best. Slow down and change your pressure while you move across her entire vulva, feeling out where she wants you. This is a good trick to have at the ready to help with "pussy calibration," but once you know what your lady likes, you should move on, since the ever-changing motions can get frustrating as she gets closer to coming.


Oral Techniques  To Give Her Best Orgasm

You don't want to seem bored, or strange, so don't just hum a little ditty to her pussy. Instead, incorporate some noises of enjoyment into your oral experience: with her clit in your mouth, or with your mouth pressed up against her pussy, make a little "mmmmmmm" noise to let her know you like what you're doing. The gentle vibrations can feel good, and the primal, enthusiastic noises are a serious turn-on, especially when combined with so many other sensations!


Oral Techniques  To Give Her Best Orgasm

This tip is great for getting started. The rule is that she keeps her pants on until she's ready, moaning, and tearing them off herself. This way she's ready and begging for it before your mouth meanders south. Until then, use your whole hand to fondle and manipulate her pussy lips from the outside of her pants. Don't focus on her clit or try to pinpoint a specific spot to touch; this is more of a "macro pussy massage." Let her grind against you as you make out; it might seem old-school, but that just adds to its appeal. Use your bands: lay your hand on her whole pussy, with your palm by her clit and your fingers resting on her pussy lips, then move your hand to pull back toward her belly button. This slides the clit in and out of its little "hood," essentially jerking her off. 'ay back and forth movements as well, right over her clitoris. Sitting either in front or behind her, put your whole hand over her pussy again, with your fingertips in line with her clit, then move your whole hand back and forth, kind of Ike an old-school DJ scratching a record. Try not to create too much friction: you don't want to rub the fabric of her pants against her clit, because without any lobe that can be painful! By the time she tears her pants off, you won't have to do much more to get her off!


Oral Techniques  To Give Her Best Orgasm

Some lace their cuntulingus with a side of romance, so pucker up when you go down. Kiss gently along the inside of her outer pussy lips, then circle inward, leaving soft kisses along her inner labia. Trace kisses from her vagina to her clitoris, quick and lightly at first, then slower with a bit more pressure. Switch to more passionate kissing: part your lips and gently suck on her pussy before you pull away. Start using your tongue Ike you would when kissing: rhythmically stroke her clit and inner labia, moving your tongue with your lips. Move in the same patterns you traced at the beginning, changing the speed and pressure. Focus your attentions on her clit, using the same gentle sucking, kissing move you used before. Follow her lead and let her tell you how she tikes it. When she's ready to come, stay right where you are, keeping the pressure and speed steady—unless she's yelling "harder!" or "faster!", in which case, she's the boss!


Oral Techniques To Give Her Best Orgasm

But what do you do with the clit? All the advice says you're doing it wrong if you ignore the clit, but once it's looking you in the face, what do you do with it? Some women don't want you touching their clit at all, and some women only bite it after you've got them warmed up. But if you know your lady loves to have her button pushed, you need to give it some extra attention. Here are some ways to stimulate that needy clit:


Draw circles around her clit with your tongue. Start wide, pausing to nibble on her lips as you slide by. Move toward the clit, making it the center of the concentric circles you're drawing across her vulva. Every other swoop, reverse the direction. Draw the circles tighter and tighter until you reach her clitoris, reversing direction and alternating your speed. Continue tracing circles around her clitoris, flicking your tongue over clit until she hits her groove.

  • BOP IT

Suck her clit into your mouth, holding it steady while you gently smack it about with your tongue. Come at it from all angles, batting it around. This will drive even the hardiest clitoris wild! Keep your suction gentle, just enough to keep her in place as you bop her clit. If she seems to respond to one bop more than others, add more of those into your rotation. Just don't keep smacking her the same way for too long, since it could desensitize her, and make it harder for her to come! But as she climbs toward a climax, you should make your moves more regular and switch to a steady rhythm to help drum her home.

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