What means dating a cheerleader drop dead gorgeous?

Many years ago, a friend of mine briefly dated a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, who he described as “drop dead gorgeous.” My friend is handsome enough, I guess, but no movie star. So I wondered how they connected.

He explained they met by chance while waiting in a long line at a coffee shop. My friend worked up the courage to ask if this gorgeous woman was buying coffee for her husband. When the woman volunteered, “Nope, no husband and no boyfriend now either,” he felt emboldened to ask if she was drinking her coffee there. Maybe she would like some company? “Sorry, I can’t stay. Maybe some other time.” My friend was disappointed, but understood. He was rather forward. Then, he was shocked by her next words. “Give me your number. We’ll have coffee some other time.”

First date with a Cheerleader

She called later to arrange their first date. It was during this outing when my friend learned this gorgeous woman was one of the famous Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. I was green with envy until I learned of the reason for their short-lived relationship.

It was during their second date when my friend discovered the patience needed to date an incredibly attractive woman. On this and subsequent dates, a disturbing pattern emerged. This woman required hours to prepare for dates before she would be seen in public.

Her routine demanded perfectly applied makeup, elaborate hair styling, and multiple outfit changes to determine “just the right look” for each event. The woman was beyond obsessed with her appearance, which seemed to be the entire source of all her self esteem. Their last evening together happened when my friend took his new girlfriend to a popular upscale restaurant. As they neared the entrance, the girlfriend stopped. “Wait,” she said, “we need to go around to the other entrance.” “Why?” my friend asked. “I’ll explain on the way,” she stated as she started to walk to the other entrance. She whispered just loud enough for him to hear. “I know you won’t believe this, but the right side of my face is my ‘best side.’ So I want everyone in the restaurant to see us enter on the right.” My friend was speechless, but he decided that would be their final date. No wonder she had been single.

Since these events all happened many, many years ago, I wondered about the number of Botox injections and plastic surgeries such a woman had likely endured in her futile attempt to stop the march of time. Hopefully, at some point, she realized that self esteem is not achieved through fleeting outward beauty.

Now, let me be 100% clear; I do not mean to insult the integrity or character of any specific past or present Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. I’m guessing the vast majority of these women have healthy self esteem and maintain lifestyles that support their professional and personal goals in positive ways.

But there seem to be certain women (and men) who turn God-given gifts, like beauty, into a narcissistic curse. Indeed, for some people, they can be too beautiful.


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