How to seduce women’s by their zodiac sign

Most guys are skeptical about astrology and if you feel that way then I hear you. However, guys who try this approach do report some success so you may want to incorporate it in your technique, especially if you hit a patch where you seem to be getting nowhere with women.

 However crazy it may seem, the idea behind astrology is that the position of the earth and other planets at the time we are born exerts a gravitational pull on the earth that affects our personality. The sign that you see in astrological predictions(Aries, Taurus, etc) is your sun sign. It's not so much about the position of the sun in the sky at the time you were born but more about the position of the earth's axis in relation to the sun in the month of your birth. The other planets also have a part in astrology and a full astrological chart would also tell you your moon sign and the position of all the other planets in our solar system.

Most people only know their sun signs and there are certain personality traits that are associated with each sign. The idea behind this technique is simple. You ask a woman what sign she was born under, then you apply the seduction technique that is designed for that sign.




Women born under the sign of Aries prefer their men to be aggressive and bold. If you want to kiss her then do not wait or ask for her approval. Just surprise her by giving her an out-of-the-world and mind-blowing kiss. The approach you take should have more force. In addition, the Aries women love it when men pay compliments to them. If you just met an Aries woman for the first time then do not feel that you have to avoid disagreeing with her simply because you want to seduce her. Women born under this sign are drawn to men who disagree with them. They prefer a positive and swift style of seduction.


If you are attracted to a woman who is born under the sign of Taurus then your seduction style should be steady but slow. Women born under this sign relish and cherish the wooing stage of a relationship. When you are going on a first date with her then make sure that you do not arrive late. Always arrive before her and buy her some gifts or flowers. These women simply love it when men offer them gifts. If you want to seduce a lady born under this sign then use a subtle spray of cologne as Taurus ladies are very much influenced by sensual stimuli. These women also appreciate a great sense of humor. You can attract a woman to you by making her laugh.


Women born under this sign appreciate high intelligence and cleverness in their men. You should also know that Gemini women love to flirt. In fact, there is nothing they like better than to flirt with the opposites. You may have to work hard to move her past the flirting stage to take you more seriously.


Women born under the sign of Cancer are usually soft at heart. If you are attracted to a woman who is born under this sun sign then the best way to seduce her and get her into your bed would be to display the sensitive side of your personality to her. These women love to be taken care of and if you want to seduce a woman of this sun sign then you can think of cooking dinner for her. These women are very romantic and they love romantic surroundings. If you are cooking for her then play soft music in the background and create a romantic atmosphere by using candles. If you want to kiss her then she may like you to ask for her permission first in a sexy low voice. Your style of seduction should be nurturing and soft.


It is very important to concentrate on the women of this sun sign if you want to seduce them. They love it when men praise them for the way they dress, behave, eat, talk, etc. In short, they love hearing men singing their praises. These women love to have the best and if you want to make a good impression then treat her the best possible way. During foreplay, make sure that you whisper compliments in her ears. Doing this can make your lovemaking fabulous and out of the world. The women under this sign love to be seduced. If you can make her fall for you then you can be sure that she will meet you more than halfway through the seduction process.


If you are thinking of seducing a woman born under the sign of Virgo then cleanliness would most definitely be an asset. If you are taking her to your place then ensure that your sheets are clean and fresh before you place her on your bed. These women get turned on by seeing smartly dressed men. If you fancy a woman of this sign then you should dress properly when you are meeting her. If you want the seduction to be perfect then you can try taking a shower with her. If you have just met a woman and want to break the ice between the two of you then you can consider asking her for help in finding your mobile phone, proofreading some notes, or even organizing your desk. Women of this sun sign like order and they like to help others.


Librans are very classy and stylish. If you are interested in seducing a Libran woman then you need to think of romancing her in a very sophisticated manner. These women love beautiful and stylish things. They would expect you to do everything with style. Women born under the signoff Libra love listening to music. So, it would be a great idea to take her to a concert before seducing her. In addition, make sure that you kiss extremely well before you try to seduce a Libran. Librans simply love men who have skills in lovemaking. For Librans, seduction is an inborn talent. They have innate seduction skills and they also expect you to seduce them in the best possible way that would make them screaming for more.


Most men find it a bit difficult to seduce scorpions because these women are full of secrets and you never know what you can expect from them. You should not be put off if she gives you an enigmatic smile when you make a move on her. Her ways of showing attraction toward you are inscrutable most of the time. If you want to seduce her then take her out for a movie and play with her hands during the movie. This will arouse her and make your lovemaking impeccable later on. At the time of making love, your moves should be urgent and yet the lovemaking should be without any words. Allow your body to do all the talking. Simply indulge in her and give her the best seduction that one can offer.


If you have a great sense of humor then you can very easily seduce and have a Sagittarian woman in your bed. Women born under this sign simply love men who can make them laugh all the time. These women love the idea of great sex in the outdoors. One great idea to seduce her would be to take her on a camping trip. Remember to take a double sleeping bag with you. These women have mischievous and naughty methods of seduction themselves and if you can make her fall for you then you are in for a great roll in the sack.


These are noblewomen but do not worry because seducing a woman born under this sun sign will be worth all the effort. You should not hurry. Be patient and use a slow but steady approach when you are seducing her. When you are out on a first date, do not try to have more than a long-lasting kiss. Now on your next date, you can caress her neck, shoulders, or back. Remember to make use of firm and persistent pressure when you are caressing her. This will turn her on and she will want you to continue what you started. At this time, try to pull back a little because people born under this sign believe that the best things are worth waiting for. Let her know that you want to take it slowly to get to know her better and enjoy every moment. Doing this will impress her tremendously and it will make your seduction all the more exciting.


On the sexual front, you will discover that it is not very easy to seduce an Aquarian woman. You will need an original approach. Aquarian women love original things and in the matter of seduction, they would also expect something original. Don't be afraid to show unusual or even eccentric sides of your personality because she will probably like them. Also, most women born under this sign simply cannot resist challenge, so you can use that in your seduction technique. Play hard to get and make yourself be a challenge for her.


Are you attracted to a Piscean woman? If this is the case then you will have to make her feel out of the world if you want to seduce her. Piscean women like calm, peaceful surroundings, soft lighting, and comfort. Give her a kiss on the shoulders and lots of tender caresses. This will automatically lead her to your bedroom. She will enjoy slow stroking of her hands and a foot massage. Piscean women are very sensitive and have a soft heart so try to seduce her slowly but skilfully


If you get very practiced at this, you may start to be able to guess women's sun signs before they even tell you. This will really impress them. They will be fascinated to know how you guessed. Don't give away any secrets. Let them stay fascinated by you.

The other advantage of knowing about astrology is that many women are interested in horoscopes so you can make your conversation more interesting to them by knowing about the traits of different sun signs and compatibility between different sun signs. Also, you don't have to worry if she tells you that you're Aquarius and she's Pisces and the two are not compatible. This leaves most men speechless but you can bring in the influence of the moon and other planets to convince her that you and she are not the usual types of Aquarius and Pisces people.

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