seduce married women

How To Seduce Married Women Step by Step Guide

Let’s dive in…

Married women and women in relationships in general are easier to seduce. At least that has been my experience. I also found that to be many other guys' experience, too. You’ll learn why later on.

Your ego may experience the sweats!

This can be frightening to a guy that is married. On the other side (because there always is another side), this can be an adrenaline rush for some guys who enjoy the thrill of having secret sex with a woman that is off limits.

Some guys feed and seek out ways to seduce married women.

  • Could your wife or girlfriend fall victim?
  • Could she ever cheat?
  • Could she fall victim to another guys’ methods of generating lust in her?

If you don’t have the mind power to visualize her secretly screwing another guy, then stop reading now!

 If you can’t take graphic images and harsh language, then it is best that you close this document now and delete it.

So let’s get back to the last question…

Could she fall victim to another guys’ methods of generating lust in her?

Let’s say for some crazy reason, the two of you agreed that she would never ever eat chocolate cake again, even though eating a piece of delicious hot chocolate cake is something that she enjoys with a passion?

Sounds fair?

What if a whole week goes by and she does not eat any chocolate cake? What about a month? What about year?

What would happen if someone put a piece of cake near her nose while you weren’t around and then convinced her how great and mouth-watering the cake was and that you would never find out?

Would she just smell it?

Would she allow herself one little bite and one bite only?

What she just gobble it all down in seconds?! Is she in control of her appetite?

Before I ask you if she in control of her sexual appetite, I want to mention one more thing. Much of what I am going to reveal is the amazing insight that I learned when I used to prey on married women years ago.

If you are the type of guy that says there is no way that any guy on earth could ever seduce my wife or girlfriend, then I suggest – just for today – you pretend to be open-mined. I suggest that you pretend that there is a possibility that women cheat. And that your woman could fall in this category.

 I hope you are not one of these guys that can’t deal with the thought of her cheating so you don’t deal with the thought of her cheating…

Listen up – if she is not being sexually inspired the right way and you notice that she isn’t exactly sexually intense during sex, then you can make the case that technically she isn’t having sex at all.

 You’re having sex, but she isn’t.

She is wide open the external seduction.

If she hasn’t been sexually intense in the bedroom for 5 months, isn’t it fair to say that technically she hasn’t had sex in 5 months.

 I’ll say that one more time. If she is not being turned on the right way and she isn’t sexually intense, then she is not having sex at all!

She is sexually starved.

 And last time I checked women enjoy having sex. So when they go long stretches without sex they crave it like crazy. By the way a horny woman is easy to spot.

In many cases some guys are in relationships with women that are technically not having sex at all. He is having sex. He is enjoying himself. But she experiences nothing.

And in some instances, SHE may have gone a whole year without sex! So what happens when some Outside Guy comes along (i.e. a coworker, her boss, a classmate, and old friend, etc) and he is pressing her lust buttons the right way?

She may not even realize how long it’s REALLY been since she has really had sex?

 Chances are she will tell him to buzz off at first. But what do you think is going to eventually happen if he keeps lingering around constantly tapping on her lust buttons?

Imagine going a whole week without eating your favorite food (or dessert) and out of nowhere someone puts your favorite food under your nose – every single day!

What if you went the whole week without the favorite food but in addition to that you told yourself that you were not allowed to eat this favorite food? Would the cravings increase or decrease?

By the way, solving your sexual performance problems is the easiest to fix (assuming that you are fully functional). In today’s world there are tons and tons of pills, drugs, herbs or whatever out there that will allow you to achieve maximum potential.

There is no excuse for not being optimal.

As far as improving your sexual technique there are tons and tons of books out there on that subject as well, so there is no excuse.

Let’s get back on track.

Some guys are actually good in bed – and the woman agrees – but he has no ability to “sell his performance” (seduction).

He is lousy Sexual Salesman!

 I don’t care how great your product (sex) is you have to market it and sell it! To give you an example, I happen to like the Outback Steakhouse. There is nothing like devouring a basket full of cheddar bacon fries and sinking my teeth into a nice juicy steak. I’ve experienced this several times and each time it gets better. For the past couple of months, I’ve been driving past one of these restaurants twice a day because I have to pass it when I drop my son off for school.

But as much as I like their food, I only decided to actually go there one day after I saw a very compelling commercial on TV. I was sold.

So even though I enjoy eating there, I still needed to be sold. After watching the commercial, I began to lust after the food.

So your ability to seduce or sexual inspire (my substitute phrase for seduce) her is where the points are earned. If you seduce her the right way and press her lust buttons, she’ll cum a lot quicker and more often with little dependence on your sexual technique.

Basically it wouldn’t matter as much what you did as far as your physical routine. The secret is not just in the act of intercourse. For example, the most orgasmic woman that I ever experienced came from me just rubbing and caressing her.

She was shaking and quivering with the slightest touch and when I rubbed over her vagina her orgasms became somewhat violent. By the way, my ego is still high from those days.

Here’s the lesson in that example. I only did part of the seducing. Obviously I had to press her lust buttons, but she had installed a magnifier but telling me that she was not suppose to have sex with me, because she was a virgin. She basically was not allowed to have sex, but because she was not allowed this increased her desire and made her want to do it even more.

So I can only take some of the credit.

So now that you know this, you can exploit it and take full credit when you intentionally employ the mechanisms that allow the magic to happen. For example, I have this thing that I do when me and my fiancé are driving somewhere in the car. For some reason she ends up doing most of the driving.

Occasionally, she’ll put her non-steering-wheel-holding hand on my leg and I’ll move in gently away and then cover my crotch area playing around and acting like she was trying to touch me there. And like clockwork she’ll start playfully fighting to actually rub me there. What’s even funnier is if she puts her hand on my leg and I manually place her hand between my legs, she’ll often pull way.

In each case, I’ll laugh because it reinforces the idea that many women crave doing the opposite of what a man wants – when he presents it in a certain way.

Now this little thing I do with the hand and my balls is something I just thought of as I was writing this. It wasn’t actually an experiment that I set out to do. As far as I’m concerned there is nothing I have to do to further convince myself that women crave doing what they are not suppose to be doing.

The taboo nature and drama is what really gets them going.

In the case with the virgin, she developed and intensified the craving for sex (which never happened between us) by telling herself that she is not allowed to have sex.

Women want what they are not supposed to have just like they want to know what they are not suppose to know.

My fiancé (in seconds) developed the desire to touch my balls just because I communicated to her with my actions that she is not allowed to touch them. LOL.

Can this be applied to women that are married? And what I mean is the idea that they are not suppose to sleep around. Can this be applied to women that are not supposed to act on their lusts and betray the man they really love?

Do women cheat on the men they actually love?

I’ll give you my full analysis in a few seconds, but first I want you to ignore the garbage that is in many of these psychology books that communicates this notion that women only cheat when they are looking to upgrade their partner.

This is true in some cases. But what these authors and PhDs are not aware of is that many women cheat out of lust – meaning they strictly want the guy for sex and sex only.

So why would these geeky PhDs fail to report this information?

It’s simple.

You can not describe the sand on a planet you have never been to.

You also can not talk about a world that you don’t know exists.

I get the impression that many of those PhDs (you‘ve seen them on talk shows) haven’t been on side of the equation where the insight exists.

Suddenly a guy that has only been with one woman in his life (his middle-school sweetheart), takes a few tests – stays in college long enough – writes a few books – weasels his way on television – instantly becomes qualified to speak about women cheating & relationships.

Ignore the illusion.

If you do not think women cheat strictly out of acting on lust, then there is a world you have never been to or never heard of. I’m saying this strictly because I’ve been there enough times to walk away with some frightening insight. I’ve brought back stones from this planet.

And this biggest stone is the idea that women (and people in general) are compelled to do something strictly because they are not supposed to be doing it.

There is something about being told you can’t do something that puts a person in a mind-craze.

Later on you’ll read about a technique in another report that was developed from this discovery, it combines the “you are not allowed to” idea with another idea.

Hint: This technique is hard to believe, but if you don’t have a full 100% understanding of the “you are not supposed to” state of mind which will be explored, then you WILL find the true story hard to believe.

That’s why it’s important to engrain this into your mind. And if you want to know the one story that sealed the deal, then listen up, I’m going to reveal in here in this report.

Hint: It was not the hand push away thing. It was not the virgin that was caressed into multiple orgasms.

It happened when I was talking to a young lady that I just met. She was the kind of woman that I love talking to the most – extremely intelligent, extremely sexy and extremely down to earth. This is the kind of girl that puts a smile on her father’s face. At the time that she revealed what she revealed to me, she was about 22 years old having only one sexual partner – her current boyfriend.

Logic tells you that there is no way I could disrupt this system. Logic tells you that any guy is wasting his time with her. From the very beginning, she immediately told me she had a boyfriend.

ME: “Have you ever cheated on him?”

HER: “Nope, and I would never cheat on him! I love him with all my heart.”

 This is cool. I respect this.

Before I continue with what she revealed, let me tell you that this gets funnier every time I hear it. I used to target women in relationships at one time – out of some twisted act of compassion. I no longer or don’t think I would ever do it if I was single.

I know that it is wrong (or not beneficial) and that I am not allowed to do this (delayed laughter)…

My twisted logic at the time – was that if I targeted women in a relationship I wouldn’t have to worry about them falling in love with me eventually because they were already in relationships with guys they loved. I found this to be false.

But I figured that this was the only way I could have casual sex without having to worry about breaking the woman’s heart.

From my experience, most of them ended up falling in love anyway. Surprisingly, I discovered that they fell in love quicker than a single female. From my experience it seemed like my seductive efforts were a lot easier.

MY ANALYSIS: I was getting a far greater sexual response per seductive move. In other words, it appeared much easier to sleep with the women in relationships.

I’ll explain another powerful observation after I tell you what this young lady revealed. This is the thing that opened my eyes to the idea that women can be controlled (or inspired) to a given action if one knows how to manipulate the Law Of “You Are Not Allowed to Blah Blah Blah”.

Since the creation of this amazing earth women have been documented as sneaking around and doing things that they are not allow.

Did all of this start with Eve?

Let me give an example using the 22 year old good girl. Remember logic tells you that a good and wholesome lady like that would never cheat, besides she only been with one guy. According to her daddy, she is still a virgin.

Well first thing is she tells me immediately that she in a relationship with a guy and she loves him like crazy. Do I back off? Nope. Why? Why?

By the way, the first woman to tell me that she had a boyfriend and that I couldn’t have her number I ending up spending the night over her house that same night.

My ego used to be a crack smoking whore!

I’ll explain what happening with that little story later. And I’m not bragging - I ended up feeling bad about the whole thing. The got the impression that her boyfriend was a cool descent guy that would do anything for her. And in many ways she was a very special person.

So anyway I didn’t back off (with the first female I was talking about). She then says:

“I have a secret that if my boyfriend ever found out, he would never believe it and if he did believe it, he would be super pissed! He would be beyond enraged and he was break up with me instantly!”

I was dying to know at this point.

She says that when she was 15 years old, she was working for some company. I won’t reveal the name of it only because I don’t remember. But what I do remember with amazing clarity was what she told me that happening at her job when she was 15 years old. Before she told me about her naughty past, she told me that her father was a racist and that if he ever found out she was sleeping with anyone he would kill them.

 Then she tells me something that blew my mind and I’ll analyze it when I’m done.

By the way, my ego just gave up smoking crack and now wants me to get to that damn point!!!

She tells me that a 38 year old man at her job that her father would not approve of began flirting with her to the point where she felt uncomfortable.

She said she had thoughts of quitting.

Then one day he called her into his office – just for the sake of getting her alone.

Once she arrived in his office, he closed the door. Out of nowhere, he pulled out his penis and gave her some non-work related instructions - in a very authoritative voice!

She tells me that she was so scared that she didn’t know what to do.

 I’m thinking that so far that makes sense.

But then she tells me that she began to grant his request (giving him oral sex) and within seconds SHE began coming like crazy.

That part caught me off guard – on many levels!

She was a 15 year old innocent virgin girl and he was a 38 year old man.

 I could not believe what I was hearing! By the way, I think her boss should have been put in prison for life!!! He deserves zero respect!!!

But I do believe much of her lust for him happened because he represented the last guy she should have been messing around with – on so many levels.

 In other words, he was the last guy that she was not allowed to be with.

He was legally off limits.
He was her boss.
She was not allowed to have sex period (from her parents).
He was an asshole (she said she didn’t even like him up until that point).
He was not the kind of guy that would win her father’s approval.

 He was the poster boy for the guy she was not allowed to be sexually involved with.

She told me that if her current boyfriend or father ever knew about what happened when she was 15 years old, they would go crazy. They would be beyond enraged.

 After she gave him oral in his office that day, she found herself doing it all the time. She said every time she looked up his penis was in her mouth...

And she was loving it!

My mind was spinning!!!

She also revealed that even though she never actually had sex with her boss back then, she still fantasizes (almost every night) about those days when they would sneak around in his office while she gave him oral. She said that during those days she was turned on to a level she didn’t know existed!

Remember this: When I talked with her that day she revealed her naughty secret, she was a 22 year old good wholesome young lady. And 7 years later she said she still pleasures herself while thinking about those days…

 What do you think would have happened if a 15 year old co-worker (someone that daddy would think is a good boy for his daughter) pulled the same stunt that the 38 year old did?

 Let’s move on… If you know that women are amazingly compelled to do what they are not suppose to do, then you know that they can easily be motivated towards a certain action.

Many women do not plan to cheat. They end up being motivated into cheating.

You should also be aware that women in general are much more loyal than guys.

 But since they love sex just like us, not having it the right way – not ever reaching any sexual peaks - or not being truly compelled to you – can lead to cheating.

Actually it can lead to a mind state that is can be easily manipulated into a mind state that is motivated to cheat.

They rarely say things like: “You know what I haven’t experienced sexual excitement with this guy. It’s time to cheat.”

It’s a lot closer to someone waving her favorite desert in her face. And then yanking it away after she has smelled it and telling her that she isn’t allowed to have it!

Do this experiment with your girlfriend/wife/female-friend:

Playfully wave her favorite dessert in her face to the point where you know she wants it and then yank it away and say NO you can’t have it!

Now observe her response.

Remember that in some cases women are technically not having sex at all.

So if you have zero sexual value and an outsider guy is pushing her lust buttons, he is basically telling her to bite the forbidden chocolate cake while you are not around.

No guy wants to visualize some other guy who doesn’t even love his wife pleasing her sexually. That’s the kind of stuff that boils a man’s blood.

My brother told me about a movie that he saw that pissed him off. This was a scene in the movie:

They show this hard working man rushing home to his wife who he loved with a passion. They show him singing in the car and everything. The two of them lived in an apartment building that had an elevator. Just as he is getting ready to get out of the elevator, this strange guy pushed him back into the elevator and started attacking him violently. To make a long story short this strange guy beat the living hell out of happy husband and all he wanted to do was see his wife after a long hard day’s work.

She was a housewife.

 After the guy damn-near killed him, he puts his hands in his pockets and in the most arrogant voice he says

“A few minutes ago, I made your wife have so many orgasms she almost passed out!”

He then pulled one hand out of his pocket holding some panties. Standing over him, he then waves the panties at the guy lying on the floor and proceeds to throw them on his bloody face.

Many guys think that their woman would never in a million years cheat on him, but yet it happens all of the time.

It is simply not cool to delude yourself. The argument that only women that are ready to get out of their relationships are the ones that cheat can be proven false by watching the show Cheaters. On that show you will notice that half of the time the women caught cheating is begging for forgiveness. In other words, she does not want to leave the guy she just cheated on. In other words she expresses to him that she loves him.

In my case – years ago – when I slept with married women or women with boyfriends I noticed something that took place in every situation. They always – out of nowhere - said something to the effect of:

“You know, my man would never think in a million years that I would cheat on him.”

Why was that so important to say?

Does this mean that she is reinforcing the idea that she was not suppose to be doing what she just did?

Does this mean she got a thrill out of getting away with it?

Does this mean that anytime you attack someone it is going to be violent?

Does this give her a sense of power?

Do women feel powerless in a male dominated society?

Here is another observation that I made that was highly visible in each case.

They were always extremely wild in the bed. I mean more so than normal. They were always extremely sexually intense.

My theory is that it has to do with the boyfriend/husband not having sexual value AND/OR the idea that she was not supposed to be doing what she was doing – and also the thrill behind the whole thing.

And that technically she may have been sexually starved.

By the way, in order to feed a woman that is sexually starved, she has to be horny for YOU. Otherwise the sex is not likely to satisfy her (because she is not mentally into it). You could be putting on a Gold Medal, 10-star sexual performance – if she doesn’t perceive you as sexually valuable, you’ll have betting luck trying to climb an icy mountain in dress shoes than trying to please her.

So the end result of her having sex with you (if you have no perceived sexual value in her eyes) is her still being sexually starved.

So I’ll repeat what I said before:

In order to feed a woman that is sexually starved, she has to be horny for YOU.

I happened to be in an environment one day where a sexy lady was showing all of the signs of being extremely horny. I mean this woman was glowing red!

But there were two guys in the room and she was only showing the horny signs to one of the guys. The other guy was getting leave-me-alone signs.

This is why I think reading body language should always involve a process of comparing along with the context of conversation.

Let’s say she ended up sleeping with the guy that she was horny for. The guy would probably get violently attacked!


Let’s also say she ended (for some reason) sleeping with the other guy (the guy that was getting leave-me-alone signs), do you think she will be into it? How sexual intense would she be?

In many cases, women will enter relationships with the guy she was not horny. He may be a great guy (nice guy & nice job) and they ended up sleeping together, but when it is all said done she remains sexually starved.

Good news: Any guy can increase his sexual value.

Also, having sex with a sexually starved woman is like hitting the lotto – if she is horny for you.

Two stories that I told you involved virgins. And these virgins were able to get turned on like crazy. The sexual intensity of these women was off the charts. And as a result, the guys that they eventually had sex with probably got his nipples bit off!

Well if you ever had sex with a woman that hasn’t had it in awhile, then you already know that these are the wildest in the bed. You almost want to tell them to calm down. Yeah right.

Her sexual intensity will be off the charts. You may have noticed this in your relationship.

At any rate, imagine having sex with the same woman for six months. But every time you have sex with her, she tells you to stop after 3 strokes. For some reason she is completely satisfied and can not go on any longer.

Would you agree that technically you didn’t have sex at all? Wouldn’t you agree that technically you haven’t had sex for six months?

Well that’s how some women feel. I only used the 3 stroke example to make the connection, but in reality her being satisfied in the bed doesn’t have anything to do with how long you last.

Sure you have to last long enough to give her an orgasm, but her being pleased isn’t time-based.

You have to stimulate her mind the right way. A woman can cum from touch alone. Some women can orgasm from thought alone.

Earlier I mentioned the situation where I asked this young super-sexy woman for her number. She told me no and that she had a boyfriend. This was during the time my ego developed the intense cravings for street narcotics.

Anyway through calm persistence I made a human observation. I carelessly discovered that when a guy acts a certain way (positively) when the woman is expecting emotions from you associated with defeat, she becomes intensely drawn to that guy via confusion and intrigue and other things.

The guy is able to “shock” her in the right way.

I actually wrote over 30 pages of this subject alone in a report explaining postrejection techniques – but I lost it.

I do remember the underlying message. A person’s character is really defined by how they act during adversity (i.e. rejection). It was very inspirational and I was pleased that it would give many guys hope. Plus women are drawn to guy’s that are unpredictable.

Think about this:

What if you heard about a guy that lost everything he owned to some great natural disaster?

 His car.

His home.

 In some weird way, he even lost all of his money.

He lost every damn thing!

But when you go over to tell him how sorry you feel for him, you discover that his mood is greater than yours!

He is more upbeat than you are!

Despite losing everything, he appears ready to take on the world and is cheerful in everyway possible.

How in the world could you not be impressed and drawn to a guy like that (in a non-homosexual way)?

Personally I would be extremely impressed. This kind of behavior would completely shock me. I would want to help this guy out even more. I would feel amazing just from being in the presence of this rare person’s.

Think about that for a second.

It would energize me and make me feel great and want to strive for more in my personal life. I would feel inspired.

 Do you see where I am going with this?

Before I put everything together, let me tell you another time I asked for a female’s number and she said “no”. This was the only time this happened after I written my 30 page report (that I can’t seem to find). Because of my awareness that I learned from analyzing the times that I was successful post rejection, I begin to smile. It was a real smile by the way. I noticed that this shocked her…

Hopefully you’ll benefit from this and one day you’ll email me saying that you met your soul mate during the post-rejection process.

Anyway I just focused on keeping my spirits and mode high.

My ego starting smoking crack again – this time stealing from family members!

 I focused on trying to inspire her and affect her in a positive way. Chances are this would be perceived as unpredictable. She rejects me and now I’m cheering her up…

I’m smiling thinking about it.

She ends up giving me the number out of the blue and then tells me that she always rejects a guy in the beginning because she wants to see how bad he wants it (BS). Oh yeah and she invited me to her house later on that night.

Am I bragging?

Nope. I mention this strictly to illustrate that if you desire success post rejection then your odds increase if you send positive signals while she expecting you to act a certain way (negatively).

And I only bring that up because it was something that I learned while being in the situation.

 More importantly, this shows you how fast your sexual value can change. Your stock can skyrocket in seconds.

My ego just spay-painted “LUST BUTTONS” on the left side of a crack house! (in graffiti)

 I am convinced that a guy that is not demonstrating sexual value in his relationship is leaving himself wide open for external seduction.

Let’s get serious for a second and look at some other factors. …women in general, do not know what the hell they want.

 They may not enjoy hearing that. That's fine. They may think I'm evil for saying that. That’s fine. But an observation is an observation.

 You've probably noticed this already.

 One minute they want this. The next minute they want just the opposite.

Their emotions fluctuate much greater than ours. This is what I call the Wishy Washy Factor. It is the element that describes how uncertain or indecisive she is about things.

It varies from woman to woman.

It is the reason why many women like for guys to make decisions for them. They enjoy the “take-charge” guy.

They like a guy that it is "in control", but not "controlling".

The bottom line is that this happens in relationships.

One minute you are perfect. The next minute you are the bad guy. One minute she can't live without you, the next minute she doesn't want nothing to do with you. And if you are married, she may lose complete sexual attraction for you.

This is the Wishy Washy Factor.

They can become “uncertain” in a lightening flash.

I had a professor that taught Material and Devices. When mentioning semiconductors (i.e. silicon) -- which is a material that has some properties of conductors and some properties of non-conductors – he would always say with an evil grin, that something that doesn’t know what it is can be easily manipulated.

 He always loosely compared semiconductors with people.

When I said that married women are easier to seduce, I based that primarily on the fact that many women get a thrill out doing what they are not suppose to be doing – or at a minimum they’ll be compelled/driven to do this taboo act – whether they eventually act on it or not.

People want what they can’t have.

 Women really want what they can’t have.

And if we agree that there is a thrill (for the cheating woman) associated with the whole act then the outside guy’s efforts would have to be easier.

Some women will cheat from for the thrill alone. Try to find out her Taboo Level

Talk to her about past relationships. How often she has cheated. Has she had sex at work? Etc.

Regardless of how long you have been with her, you can always learn more about your woman. Ask her to retell (or explain for the first time) a naughty sexual experience, but be sure to word it in a way that equates her story with her getting the reward that she is fun and exciting? Otherwise she may feel too guilty to talk about it.

For example:

We were all talking to this new guy at work and somehow we got on the topic of wives. This poor guy told us that his wife has never done anything fun and exciting in the past. She has never had exciting & naughty sex – EVER!

This may automatically prompt a story from your partner or it may not. If it doesn’t it is an excellent way to segue/lead into:

What about that time when you [mention one of her taboo sex stories], I’m curious did you [something that allows for an easy response to get her wanting to retell the story]? (This time you are going to just listen for her excitement level and maybe even ways that seduce her using elements from that experience.)

You want to get her into a conversation that will allow you to extract more untold stories. Don’t be surprised what you dig up. DO NOT be judgmental in any way.

If she thinks you are too judgmental or too critical you may never hear the stories. Do not project innocence (thinly disguised guilt) onto her just because you desire an innocent woman. There is a difference. Do this for your own good.

Hint: Married women cheat with nonjudgmental (or as judgmental) men.


Some women will cheat for the thrill/taboo alone. Remember that most women’s first sexual experience was probably not approved by her parents.

A Taboo Sex Event is a sexual act that involves a “she should not be doing this” element which we will refer to as a Taboo Sex Element.

Some Events involve more than one Element. In the example with the 15 year old girl and her 38 year old boss, the Taboo Sex Event contained at least 5 Taboo Sex Elements:

He was legally off limits.

He was her boss.
She was not allowed to have sex period (from her parents).
He was an asshole (she said she didn’t even like him up until that point).
He was not the kind of guy that would win her father’s approval.

It is very critical that you find out her Taboo Level.

The Taboo Meter (quick reference):

Level High: [Super Sneaky] – She has about 10 or more Taboo Sex Events each containing multiple Taboo Sex Elements.

Level Medium: [Average] – She has about 3-4 Taboo Sex Events with some containing multiple Taboo Sex Elements.

Level Low: [Non-Tabooer or Liar] – She has about 0-1 Taboo Sex Events.

 It is very critical that you find out her Taboo Level because this may reveal the frequency of excitement you need to provide her with unless you are convinced (or she has you fooled) that she is no longer associated with the acts in her past.

For her, taboo is perceived excitement.

Feed her with the needed excitement and variety so that she doesn’t starve.

 Again, the reason why a married woman will often cheat is because of her desire to experience a “naughty experience”.

The guy experiencing this woman probably noticed two things:

  1. She was hyper sexual in the bedroom/car/office/etc.
  2. His efforts to have sex with her were amazingly easy.

As a result:

Married Women are Easier to Seduce - mainly because even the most reserved woman will do all of the work. In seconds, a woman can strategically plan events that they desire to experience. She will make it happen once she reaches the point where she feels she has to get a taste of this outside guy’s energy. His sexual value magnetizes her to him.

Married Women are Easier to Seduce – if you are the guy that is married to her. If she loves you and wants to be with you, then she wants you to create those bubbly feelings in her. The kind of feelings she had when she was a little girl having a crush on some older guy. She wants you to have sexual value - just like you want her to be more sexually intense in the bedroom. By the way, if you have sexual value (which you may discover can be achieved by cultivating perceived Taboo Elements) then she will have no choice but to be sexually intense!

She will be sexually feed.

But you also have to think of your perceived sexual value in her eyes as stock chart. It is always either going up or down. It is either increasing or it is decreasing.


They can become “uncertain” in a lightening flash. This actually affects your perceived sexual value – even though you may not even be around to affect her.

By the way, some women will just cheat regardless. Just like some women will be loyal regardless.

By the way, many women that end up cheating do not think they are going to cheat in the beginning. So when she explains how passionate she is about cheating and how wrong it is, it is sincere.

By the way, what she is really saying is that she doesn’t want to be cheated on.

You could easily make the case that 98% of the women DO NOT want to be cheated on?

Are you aware, that when you are in a relationship women tend to want you more?

Women really want what they can’t have.

Women really want what they are not supposed to have.

You’ll hear some women say all men cheat. Not true. But when he does cheat, I can guarantee you that he is with one of those 98% of women mention earlier. In essence he is cheating with a woman that at some point will express her passions for cheating and how wrong it.

 Simple math will always reveal truth.

Even if we agreed that only 30% of women would ever get involved with a married man (which is fair), the fact that 98% (close to all) women will express how wrong cheating is (or really that she doesn’t want to be cheated on) must mean that some of the women screaming about how wrong cheating are actually cheaters themselves!

This should not be regarded as new information, because you already know that 99% of cheaters DO NOT want to be cheated on.

This should not be regarded as new information, because you already know that 100 minus 98 DOES NOT equal 30!

 Simple math tears down the illusion. (There are not two mutually exclusive sets of women out there).

 And if you are the kind of guy that wants to see “solid search”, then swap out the 98 with the number from the source that satisfies you (I’m telling you that the range has to be anywhere from 88 to very-close-to-100). And also swap out the 30 with the number that makes you happy. Quick Math – If 50% of guys cheat and 50% of the time the woman knows he is involved then 25% of women would get involved with a married man.

Revised Equation: 100 – 88 ≠ 25.

My Spidey Senses tell me that the actual number is higher than 25 and 30!

But that is not the point.

The point is: [This is simple and this is clear] When a woman expresses how angry she is with people who cheat and the whole cheating process, the intensity of her frustration/anger DOES NOT reveal her tendency/likelihood to get involved with the cheating process.

It only reveals that she does not want to be cheating on. A huge difference.

Some women will cheat regardless. I had a girlfriend that told me how she could not understand how a person could cheat on someone they loved. I provided her with sexual excitement – sex in the department store restroom – she gave me oral on the Light Rail (a train) – blah blah blah

My ego stole an old lady’s purse and went on a crack binge!

 She told me she has never loved a guy as much as she loved me – only to find out that she would eventually cheat on me.

 My ego caught a pink taxi to the local rehab.

 I was hurt. I was crushed. I felt humiliated. It was embarrassing.

At any rate there are things that are going to stop her from cheating, but these things will obviously not stop a woman that is going to cheat regardless.

 A man can only do but so much…

No man should spend his entire existence laser-focused on what NOT TO DO and what TO DO to stop her from cheating.

That’s insanity

For the most part you should:

  1. Value yourself - which should allow you to project overall value as well as sexual value.
  2. Value her - which should provide her with overall excitement as well as sexual excitement.

What is her perception of how much you value yourself? – which has nothing to do with how much you actually value yourself.

What is her perception of how much you value her? – which has nothing to do with how much you actually value her.

This is a topic within it self, the bottom line is for many women cheating becomes a justifiable opportunity if: You do not value her enough and/or you do not value yourself enough.

 And just like the women that will cheat regardless, you will have some women that will never cheat regardless.

If that wasn’t enough let’s look at some other things and let’s start putting some things together.

For the most part a relationship can become a routine. And in general women do not do well with routines.

They want spice. They want excitement.

So what do you think happens when she becomes bored? And she doesn't view you as sexually exciting.

So let’s say:

  1. You have very little sexual value.
  2. She isn’t "supposed to" have sex with other guys
  3. Her certainty of the future of your relationship is in question (in her mind)
  4. She doesn't seem to be "enjoying" sex - regardless of what you do (which means technically it is as if she IS NOT having sex at all)
  5. You understand that women get just as horny as guys (studies and tests have demonstrated this). They just hide their "lust" better than us.
  6. She gets exposed to some new & fresh exciting guy (possibly at her job - especially a boss - even if she hates him)

Is external sex going to be appealing on so many levels for her (even if she is a good wholesome lady)?

 The main thing is having sexual value.

She can love you like crazy and you can have zero sexual value.

Remember the good wholesome young lady that I mentioned earlier and how to this day she pleasures herself to the thoughts of the many times that she used to give her boss oral.

 "She actually told her existing boyfriend that she was saving that for marriage!"

Let’s move on.

 The bottom line is when you have sexual value you are able to release her inner nympho. You completely change who she thinks she is.

Is that powerful or what?

Now do all women fit this profile? I only mention this example because I already know that many women get a kick out of doing what they are not supposed to do.

And this applies to the good girls... My fiancé (a self-admitting teacher's pet and honor student) bragged about never cheating on a test in school, but admitted to cheating on many of her boyfriends...

I knew a girl that I was interested in while in college, but I never approached her because I thought she was too good. According to me (and my delusional ego): I did not want to corrupt her!

 My ego stole a crack pipe from his closest crack-head buddy! (while he was sleeping!)

Later I found out that she was the freakiest girl in the school. But no one ever knew.

She was a straight-A student and an active member in her church.


I later found out that she was involved in threesomes. She likes for the guy to slam her into the wall during sex. She likes to be bit on her back during sex. She loves to simulate rape. And that’s just scratching the surface!

She’s one of the girls that seem good and wholesome, so you naturally project that on to her, but behind the image a whole new game is being played. As a matter of fact as I’m writing this I have the uncontrollable urge to keep a better eye on my fiancé. LOL.

 Let’s get back on track.

 But before we get back on track, you’ll realize that projecting good-girlness on a female reduces your chances of decoding what is really going on.

Ok so quickly discuss what sexual value will do for your relationship.

If you are doing the right things and you are sexually inspiring her on the "right level", you in a way create a force-field around her while you are away....

Guys try to seduce her and are zapped like mosquitoes!!

 It may be hard to believe, but when you are that "certain guy" she can truly be under your spell...

In which case if you are married then she is easier to seduce – by you.

I believe that most women truly want to be loyal. If she is being taken to her sexual limits by you - What would happen is an outsider came along?

If she perceives you as her personal hero, what would happen is an outsider came along?

 It would be damn near impossible for an outsider to seduce her – even he it was the sexiest man on earth. Most women really just want one guy.

When you are turning her on the right way and you become her hero, her lust buttons are not exposed and are decoded for private access only.

The outsider that approaches her will annoy her!
The outsider is offering her something she already has.
The outsider is actually threatening to take her fun away!

Any guy that approaches her will annoy her!

If you went to Busch Gardens for 3 straight days, what would happen is someone offered to take you on the 4th day?

Chances are the appeal will be greatly diminished.

 Here’s an example: If my ego smoked 7 dimes of crack in the one day, chances are he is not going to rob a liquor store to get another dime for the day!

Also if you are married, then seducing a woman that is in love with you is one of the easiest things to do – in which case you can say that married women are easier to seduce. This is refreshing to hear. This is why life in general is fair. This is why life is wonderful.

Being compassionate, loving and fair typically will pay off.

The good guy really does win.

If a good guy loses a perceived good girl who is actually a sneaky freak or a Desperate Housewife he has lost nothing.

That’s why I think the Good Girl report will elevate the awareness of guys a whole later faster. It will be fun and painful to read, but it will be helpful.


 If you are doing the right things and you are sexually inspiring her on the "right level", you in a way create a force-field around her while you are away.... Guys try to seduce her and are zapped like mosquitoes!!

Let’s pretend that every woman in a relationship has this transparent glowing red force field around her. And let’s assume that every woman has the potential to cheat and that the potential to cheat is measured by the thickness of this glowing red force field.

The thinner the force-field, the more likely she is to cheat or fall victim to external seduction.

The thicker the force-field the less likely she is to cheat or fall victim to external seduction.

Let’s also say that the thickness of her force-field depends on just two things;

  1. Her Natural Loyalty Factor
  2. And her Perception of You (in terms of your sexual value + your overall value)

Now her Natural Loyalty Factor is something that you can’t control. This is something that establishes the starting thickness/thinness of her force-field. But luckily you do have the ability to make the force-field thinner or thicker based on your relationship with her.

 Lets’ also say that every outside guy in the world has a special drill and this drill allows him to pierce through force-fields of a “certain thickness.”

Each outside guy is different.

Some guys can not drill through the thinnest force-fields while other guys can shatter the thickest force-fields with ease.

Let’s also say the power of his drill is determined by this:

  1. How much Relative Sexual Value he has (this is his perceived sexual value when she compares him to you) – so for example, if you have very little sexual value, then his relative sexual value is going to be higher than if you had a lot of sexual value – even though he doesn’t do anything thing differently when in her presence.
  2. How well he communicates that she will get away with it (this is the same as the third element in equation below)

Remember the CR James Super Simple Core Seduction Formula.

  1. She needs to perceive you as being sexual desirable (you must have sexual value).
  2. She needs to be the right frame of mind (at that time).
  3. There has to be an ideal (or close to ideal) sexual environment (for you and her).

If the outside guy does not create or allow for an ideal sexual environment for her (which in his case, this also includes re-assuring her that she will “get away with it”), then the power of his drill will be diminished.

Women do not like to gamble, but once they are sure they can get away with it, once they are totally convinced that there odds of getting caught is very slim, then with the adrenaline-rush equivalent to a compulsive gambler they’ll jump at the opportunity – if it is something that she desires to do.

So in order for a woman to cheat she has to be in the presence of a guy that has the power to penetrate her force-field.

Some women’s force-fields are so thick that only 0.005% of the men on earth have drills powerful enough to get through.

On the other hand, some women’s force-fields are so thin that 80% of the guys have drills powerful enough to get through.

 These women are called whores.

So the question is: How thick is your woman’s force-field? Are there any guys in her presence that are walking around with powerful drills? Are these guys trying to drill her? Just because they can tear down her fields (whether he realizes it or not) doesn’t mean that he is trying to? Are you making an effort to thicken her fields?

Are you making an effort (intentionally or unintentionally) to thin-out her fields?

 Remember: Women are loyal by nature but her intention to be loyal has nothing to do with how thick or thin her force-field is?

A woman can be the sluttiest whore in existence, deep down inside she will have the instinctive desire to be with just one man. This has nothing to do with her will power. She also will have the ability to convince a certain percentage of men that she has the ability to be loyal.

 Just understand what needs to be done.

 Thicken her fields – Take care…


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