How can “Star Trek” help you get laid.

How can “Star Trek” help you get laid.

Now, I know a lot of guys are saying, "Are you KIDDING? The last time I mentioned the movie to my date about when Spock died and Khan fought Kirk, she went to the bathroom and never came back."

No, no, no. Not the battles or the ‘unknown space anomalies.’

There are three characters that you need to introduce yourself to. They can teach you a hell of a lot about seduction. (For the sake of this article, I'm going to assume you are familiar with both the old series of “Star Trek” as well as “The Next Generation.” If you aren’t, start watching.

And if any of you guys say you haven't seen any of the old “Star Trek” shows, I'm going to tell you two things:

1) Liar!

2) Keep telling the women that.

Here are the 3 characters from star trek that can teach you some alpha male characteristics. 

The first character you need to emulate is Captain James T. Kirk.

Now, why do you think there was such a reputation about him? It wasn't just because he was out there banging every green-skinned alien in the cosmos (and he was.) It was his takeno- prisoners, take-no-sh*t attitude.

You see, if there is one thing Kirk was, it was bold and confident. How could he not be? One minute he's facing down a Klingon attack, the next he's escorting a diplomat to some treaty session, or fighting for the human race on some deserted planet with a purple sky (and those same stupid rocks.)

One especially relevant episode you must watch to fully grasp Kirk's ability to seduce is the one where he has to escort some bitchy princess across the galaxy to some meeting (“ELAAN OF TROYIUS”). Note carefully how Kirk stands up to her and lets her know that her antics are completely unacceptable. When she lashes out in prima-donna fashion, he puts her back in her place. In the end, he tames the princess and even scores some more interstellar nookie.

Kirk is always confident, cocky, and went after the women he wanted. He made no excuses, nor did he give in to women making demands. He boldly went where every man wants to go. (I know, that was bad, but I had to put that in.) Women never walked over him.

The next character to watch and learn from is Will Riker from "Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

How can  “Star Trek” help you get laid.


Picard was suave and charming, but Riker was more 'Bad-boy' in all the best ways. Watch how Riker's attitude more closely emulates Kirk from the old series. He's a bit too easy to get riled up and angry (you want to maintain emotional control), but he demonstrates it effectively, not afraid to let a woman know when she's displeased him. And, he doesn't let them manipulate him by his emotions.

Riker also isn't afraid to step in and let a woman know where he stands with her.

He will grab her by the arm, pull her close, tell her that her eyes are like Arcturian moonstones, and then slip her the tongue. He doesn't hesitate to project his sexuality to women. And you shouldn't either. It's how you do it that's most important...

The last character I want you to consider is Deanna Troi, the ship's counselor.

How can  “Star Trek” help you get laid.


Why her?

Well, on the show, she has a gift: she's empathic, meaning that she can sense a person's emotional state telepathically. She's often pretty heavy-handed with her observations - "Captain, I sense your deep dislike for the anal probe you got when you were with the Borg... tell me more about it..." But she is observant and intuitive with the people she encounters.

When you're with a woman, you should tune into her emotional frequency as close to this as you can. Use your empathic ability to read her thoughts and feelings.

Sense the emotions underneath what she says to you. When she tells you: "I'm just not sure if I want to take that position in accounting." You say: "Well, I can definitely understand what you mean. I sense that you're a bit hesitant. Is it that the job is challenging, or ... is there something else?" And you say that last part as if you feel there might be. You don't actually say what it is, but you imply you know what it is.Then, either way, you were right.

Take all the credit. You're so intuitive!

One word of caution, however: Do not let yourself start feeling these emotions with her. You need only observe and comment on them as if you know what she’s going through. A woman doesn't need you to feel the same emotions, only to understand the ones she has.

In most cases, you don't have to be an empath to read people's emotional state. You just have to pay attention to what they say and their body language. Do a lot of people-watching and you'll get good at reading this, too.

Oh, there is one character you should watch just to see what NOT to do with a woman, and that's the engineer on “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” Geordi LaForge.

How can  “Star Trek” help you get laid.

Geordi is as inept as they come with women, and he's a guy I think we can all relate to. I used to be this way, and I suspect 95% of all guys have been at some point, too.

Geordi can't score to save his life. He can run a futuristic warp engine, but he can't figure out the inner workings of a woman. Think of Geordi as your typical high-tech guy – great with machines, terrible with people. The show even makes a point of highlighting how Geordi's techniques with women are ineffective in a very realistic way.

There's a scene where he's on a date with a woman on the Holodeck, in some super "romantic" setting, on the beach under the moon. He's fumbling for words, obviously clueless, and he goes in for an awkward arm around the woman. She then proceeds to tell him that she "just wants to be friends."

Over the course of many episodes, he learns a little confidence (not much cockiness, but hey, he got better.)

Please remember that, yes, it was just a dorky sci-fi TV show, but it does exemplify some things that guys today would do well to imitate. Maybe then, by the time we get to the 23rd century, men won't be so damn wimpy.

Just don't tell your next lady friend that you learned your best moves from “Star Trek,” or she'll eject your warp core before you can say - "Make it so..."

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