First Date Tips- Available – Not Desperate

You are Available – Not Desperate

When you meet a woman, you want to be very clear that you’re looking for someone to date and that you’re not already in an exclusive relationship. It’s also a good idea to do that without looking desperate.

Sometimes it’s hard to strike that balance, but if you succeed, it’ll be easy to meet interesting women who are interested in you.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re trying to appear attractive and available:

Here are 8 tips for your first date

  1. You don’t need a girlfriend. They’re great to have around, but if you don’t get a date tonight, you aren’t going to die. You aren’t even going to be bored, because you’re a fun and interesting person who is capable of entertaining himself. If the women you meet don’t accept your offer of a date, you have a backup plan.


  1. Most women are friendly, polite, and will try their best to give you a chance. Your job is also to be friendly, polite, and to try your best to give them a chance.


  1. Nothing is at stake when you first introduce yourself. All you’re trying to do is say hello. You don’t have to follow up with a brilliant conversation or a grand gesture – you can move on to someone else if you want.


  1. If you introduce yourself to enough single women, sooner or later one will begin a conversation with you. And a conversation is halfway to a date.


  1. Keep your body language open. Keep your hands open and out of your pockets, and your arms and legs uncrossed. Practice maintaining a confident posture without looking arrogant.


  1. Try not to get too concerned about how important your first impression is. It’s important, but a bad impression can usually be fixed if you catch it early. And if you can’t fix it, there are still other women to meet.


  1. Your first goal isn’t to meet women and get a date. Actually, your first goal is to practice giving the appearance of a confident, secure, interesting person. Once that starts feeling comfortable, you’ll have women introducing themselves to you.


  1. There are a few gestures you can use to show a woman you’re interested in her – meeting her eyes, straightening your tie or coat, and straightening up your posture. She is guaranteed to pick up on these, even if it’s only subconsciously.


The main thing to remember is this: you may be interested in a woman, but you can still live without her. And that’s the key to being available but not desperate.


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