Mystery Method

Beginners Guide For Seduction- Mystery Method

The Mystery Method can be helpful to beginners: For its time, the Mystery Method might have been an eye-opener for many readers.

The „mystery method‟ of seduction is a step -by-step method to seduce.

The „mystery method‟ of seduction is a step -by-step method which is very simple to learn once you understand the principles of it. The mystery method consider show men and women choose partners on the basis of their perceived value to help them either survive or reproduce. 

According to the mystery method, men are mainly looking for replication value: that is, women who will help them reproduce. This means someone young but fully developed physically, with wide hips for bearing his children safely, and a nurturing type of personality that will mean she will care for the children well. Ideally, he wants to impregnate as many of these women as possible. 

Women, on the other hand, are mainly looking for survival value: that is, a man who will ensure that the woman and her children survive. He needs to be strong and healthy, clever and skilful at finding food and shelter (a good provider), and able and willing to fight to protect his family. He should be someone who is prepared to stick around to see her through the times when she cannot provide for herself and her babies. There is no particular value to her in having a lot of different partners, because she can only give birth to a certain number of children. However, she will want to find the highest value partner that she can, and may abandon a partner for one with higher value.

 Although this is a very simplistic, biological view, when you look at it this way you can immediately see why women are not as concerned about looks as you probably thought. Your appearance is not nearly so important to her, as hers is to you. She is more concerned about other factors, including earning power and your personality.

The mystery method states that individuals have a powerful emotional reaction to individuals with higher value. This is the reason why men have a powerful reaction to extremely attractive women. It is because of this reaction that men undergo an adrenaline rush and talk about attractive women „driving them wild‟.

Mystery Method Step By Step 

A woman who is extremely attractive would create such type of reaction in most men. But she does not want a lot of different men who are temporarily driven wild by her looks. She has other values. So according to the mystery method the woman would subconsciously find a man who seems emotionally unresponsive to her, of higher value. As a result, she will be drawn toward him. According to this method, you should never let her know that she drives you wild. Basically, there are three elements or components in the mystery method of seduction and they are as follows:

  1. Attract.



Each of these elements is categorized into three phases.

Let us look at the three phases of each stage of this method:

  • A1 or Attract 1: In this phase, you need to start a conversation with the woman or induce her to start one. Conversation is extremely important and you should not take the next step unless you have engaged in a good conversation. The A1 stage is extremely significant even though it does not last for a long time. If you see an extremely attractive woman that you like, proceed toward her direction to approach her. It is always recommended that you should not walk to her from the back nor should you walk straight in to her direction. You can walk at a 45-60 degree angle. Use dismissive body language to start a conversation. Do not compliment or praise her at this stage. Use short but unique lines to impress her (seem different from the rest) instead of babbling a long story or telling her that you like her dress.
  • A2 or Attract 2: Many men are of the opinion that getting the women attracted to them is not simple. This is incorrect thinking because you can attract women very easily. You simply have to make use of certain techniques like showing higher value, alpha male traits, etc. Most of the time, this stage takes about two to ten minutes. However, it may take up to twenty minutes with some women. Always remember that you should not praise her on her looks at this stage. When she shows an interest in you, step to the next stage.
  • A3 or Attract 3: This is a very significant stage. Here you must let the woman know that you are attracted to her but not just because of her appearance. If you let her know that you are interested in her simply because she is beautiful then she will turn her back on you. She will think that you are not as cool as she thought you were. Remember, every guy since she was a teenager has thought she was gorgeous, so what's so special about you? Show that you are attracted by her mind, her personality, her opinions.
  • Comfort (C1, C2 and C3): Creating a comfortable atmosphere is very important in the seduction process. The majority of women (except for the party girls) will take a minimum of three to ten hours and perhaps more than one meeting to get into the comfort phase. C1 or the „connection‟ phase will occur in the location where you have first attracted the lady. C2 or the „trust‟ stage will take place in a more comfortable location. Lastly, C3or the „intimacy‟ stag e will take place in the place where you plan to seduce her.
  • Seduction (S1, S2 and S3): S1 is the arousal stage where you have to turn her on. S2 is the stage of resistance where the woman feels some resistance to you as she would not like to think of herself as a slut. This is normal, almost inevitable, so expect it and deal with it. In this stage you need to be patient but persist. She wants to be seduced at this stage, but she needs reassurance. S3 is the stage where you actually get into bed with her. Always remember to seduce her in a place where you will not be disturbed.

If you are planning to seduce her in your own home then make sure that your place is clean and hygienic. Many women find the idea of a dirty place abhorrent. You may have aroused her but if she finds that your place is dirty and untidy then she may change her mind. I am not saying that your home should be spotless. Just clean enough to make her comfortable

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