9 Qualities Men Must Have to Become Very Attractive

9 Qualities Men Must Have to Become Very Attractive

Every woman is different and has different things, these statements are general not universal. But with at least 80% of women, the above 10 traits (when combined) will make you “Irresistible.

However, if you are seeking a woman who is hot and she knows it, you have to impress!

What kind of guys do women find irresistible?

  1. A Man Who Will Tell Her “No” - Nice guys, I want you to start saying “no” whenever a girl ask you to do something. Do this for about a week and see the looks they give you change. Girls love a guy who will say “no” and then not explain himself. This is because girls want to be with someone they can trust and they trust a man who will say no because they are being honest about what they want. Beautiful women have men pandering to them all day long. If you are willing to stand up for yourself, they will find it attractive.
  2. A Man Who Knows How and When to Touch Her - Whether it’s a delicate touching her hand to accent a point in conversation or wiping a tear off her cheek with your thumb. Knowing when and how to touch her is powerful. She’ll appreciate a man when to be gentle and how to be rough.
  3. A Man Who Looks As if He Has it All Figured Out - The reason why women care about a man’s fashion sense is because it is an indication to her on whether he has his life figured out. A man who knows what looks good on him and how to wear an outfit, shows her that he knows how to present himself to the world. This doesn’t stop at fashion. The less clueless you look the more attractive you will be to women.
  4. A Man Who Knows When and How to be Dominant - Taking the lead without being domineering is rare skill. You should always look for opportunities to take responsibility during your interactions with women you are interested in. Pick the place the group is going to eat, it doesn’t mean you have to go there, but be the guy who is constantly moving the ball forward. Always try and err on the side of being bossy rather than passive.
  5. A Man Who is Persistent but Doesn’t Beg - The way to be persistent without looking needy is to be charming. Asking a girl out multiple times isn’t creepy if you find a way not to be creepy about it. What helps with this is always having a smile, and not looking disheartened if things don’t go your way. Being able to move on and try again is powerful as it shows the girl that you have core confidence and small things don’t shake you.
  6. A Man Who Walks Through the World With Ease - No person will make him nervous, no situation will have him looking stressed. He ask for what he wants with a smile, tells you no with a pat on the back. Life looks effortless for him because he’s so good at living his.
  7. Women Love a Man Who Engages them Emotionally: Women are rarely stimulated emotionally. It’s rare for a man to give a woman butterflies just by walking into the room. If she knows that every interaction with you will be an adventure or an honest and vulnerable conversation… She won’t be able to get enough.
  8. Women Love a Man Who is a Mystery: You don’t have to have a troubled past to b mysterious. Just shut up and keep your plans to yourself and redirect questions towards her. You need to be vulnerable and authentic, but it will mean way more to a woman when she has to work a little to open you up.
  9. Women Love a Man Who Cares About Others: If you’re a massive dick, women and people in general don’t want to be around you. Women love a man who cares and is authentic with others.

 Pick up lines to hit girls

“Hey excuse me there is something wrong in my cell phone because It doesn't have your number”.

“Did you just come out of the oven? Because you’re hot.”

“Do you have a map? I keep getting lost in your eyes.”

“Do you have band aid, I scrapped my legs just by falling for you”.

How are women sexually attracted to men?

Women can experience sexual attraction for all kinds of reasons and in all kinds of ways. Some women can feel attracted to a physically appealing guy they know nothing about; some would need to know something about his personality first; some would need to be very close to him before feeling attracted; and some never feel attracted to anybody at all.


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