10 Secrets To Make Her Want You

10 Secrets To Make Her Want You

Okay, so there is a woman whom you really like and you would love to sleep with her. Check this article to get some tips on how to make her want you.

Check out the tips given below which can help you to seduce her.

 10 tips on How To Make A Girl Want You Badly

  1. Do not consider yourself unattractive. If you feel that you are not attractive then there is no way in which you can make the woman find you attractive. This type of thinking will influence your body language and the way you think. Take some care over your appearance so that you feel at your best, and start telling yourself that you are attractive
  2. Do not bore her. There are times when men tend to bore women without even realizing that they are doing that. Never talk about your work, sports, or weather when you are with a lady unless you know that she is truly interested in the subject. She may listen for hours and even say she is interested just to be polite. Then she will go home without agreeing to a second date, and you are left wondering why. The reason is, you fell for her pretense of interest, and ended up boring her.
    If she is genuinely interested in a subject she will not just ask questions and listen, she will have a lot to say about it. For example: if she asks you which team you think will win the Super Bowl, she is pretending to be interested. If she tells you which team she thinks will win, and why, then okay, she may be interested in football.
  3. Do not talk too much. If you talk constantly, you can make the lady turn her back on you. She will either think that you are babbling because of nervousness or if not, she will find you boring. Try to get her talking too. Even with the shyest woman, you can do this if you help her to feel relaxed and find out what she is really interested in.
  4. Never ask too many questions: I know it is weird when you are with a woman and have nothing to talk about. However, this does not mean that you have to keep asking her questions after questions. Asking a few questions can make a conversation interesting but asking too many questions will make the lady want to run away from you. Instead of interrogating her, pick up on hints in what she says, that show you when she has some real feeling about something. 

A good way to do this is to repeat something she has said back to her in a questioning tone of voice. This will encourage her to say more but it comes across as interest rather than another question. For example:

 You: “What kind of movies do you like?”

Her: “Oh, I guess … comedies mainly.”

 You: “Comedies?”

Her: “Yes, like ... Meet The Parents.”

 If you know that movie you now have quite a lot to talk about. You can discuss that movie and the follow-up and think of some similar ones that she probably likes too. Remember, you are not just chatting to pass the time. You are building trust by creating connections and letting her see similarities, things that the two of you share. 

With this technique, you must only repeat actual words that she said. If you say “What kind of comedies?” then that is another question and she may feel she is being interrogated.

  1. Avoid questions that can have Yes or No as the answer, e.g. “Do you like movies?” This can kill the conversation.  
  2. Do not treat a woman as a prize. A woman does not like the idea of being apprized or a possession. She will not be attracted to you if she thinks you are showing off that you are with her, or if she suspects that you will boast about your conquest of her to your friends.
  3. Try to interpret her body language. Many men do not think that it is necessary to read the body language of the women that they are interested in. By reading her body language you will have some idea about whether she is interested in you. If she is, then you can carry out your seduction plan, and if she isn't then, there are a lot of other fishes in the sea.
  4. Flirting is the answer. How will a woman know that you are interested in her if you do not give her a sign? When you flirt with her, you indirectly let her know about your intention.9.
  5. Be confident. Women simply cannot resist men who are confident. Do not be afraid to approach a woman because of fear of rejection. There are always risks in life and if you do not take the risk then you cannot reap the benefits.
  6. Make the lady feel good. If you want to attract and seduce a lady, then it is crucial to make her feel good in your company. If she feels happy in your company then it will not take a long time to attract her and then seduce her.

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